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How To Make Money On Upwork: Full Unlimited Guide 2022

How to make money on Upwork

Many peoples want to become freelancers because they want to work on their own terms and they are not want to be location bound. 

There are many freelancing websites but they are trying to find the best one. 

Upwork pays rate is little and Upwork takes its cut from them. But for making a strong portfolio and creating connections with clients Upwork is the best. 

And that is the reason peoples wants to know how to make money on Upwork.

What is Upwork?

For know-how to make money on Upwork? You should know about Upwork. Upwork is the best marketplace for freelancers and their clients in the field of graphic design, writing, and web development. 

Upwork helps professionals for finding projects and communicate with clients and then get paid. 

Upwork was founded in 2015 before Upwork was a website called Elance. Elance began in 1996. 

After 17 Years, Elance buy a job platform oDesk and merged with it. And then this website called Upwork.

Now Upwork has around 40 Million+ visitors monthly. And this is a huge number.

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What type of jobs are available?


Upwork is known as a talent marketplace for all developers, designers, and creators. 

There is every type of job available which made Upwork the best and most choosable for everyone.

Upwork jobs list is so lengthy but the most popular are 

  • Web Designing and Development
  • Graphics
  • Writing
  • Digital Marketing
  • etc
    Upwork jobs list

How to get your first job on Upwork?

how to get jobs on Upwork

On Upwork, you would totally depend on getting your first job as a beginner. And how you get more jobs on Upwork is a skill and wants good practice.

Upwork has around 40 Million+ visitors monthly and this is a big number. As a beginner and Pro you have to focus on the following:

1. Finding your niche

You have to find your interest base set of skills and start working on them. If you focus on multiple skills you would never be successful as a freelancer in 2022.

If you want to create a freelancing business then you have to provide services to clients in your own niche and start working on it. 

2. Make an Attractive Profile

Upwork profile is the main part of getting more projects. If you updated your profile by including completed project pictures then there are a lot of chances to get more projects in the future.

For creating an attractive and perfect profile you have to explain your experience in that niche and provide some proof of work.

If you have an uncompleted profile then Upwork can not provide his badge to service providers.

3. Perfect work is rewarded in freelancing

If you do your project with hard-working and give the best result to clients or companies then in the future they may contact you directly. And they offer you more projects and that is the time when you demand more extra money.

It's not only on Upwork that the client will contact you, it's on every freelancing site.

4. Be active regularly

On Upwork, you have to active daily and submit your proposal daily. By doing this you would include it in the Upwork search results. 

And you have to regularly check the new opportunity projects on Upwork. And when you find a project according to your skill set you have to apply for it.

You have to have some patience as a beginner.

5. Others

  • You have to focus on your client in your profile, not on your own yourself. Because you are providing services to the client.
  • You have to improve your proposal daily and avoid using templates.
  • Looking professional is the key to getting more projects. Include some professionalism in your profile and communication.
  • Providing proof of your skills is your portfolio, so create a unique portfolio.
  • Creating a relationship with clients is good for your future projects so complete every single project with low cost and good manners.
  • You have some patience and don't give up until you create the best freelancing business.

How To Make Money On Upwork?

Making money on Upwork is not so difficult but it wants some planning and some good practices. 

Upwork is a good platform for making money online in every field. If you really did not know how to earn on Upwork?  then follow the four steps and make money online on Upwork:

1. Identify the Service You Offering

Before starting work on Upwork you should choose a specific niche/service. And you have to start providing services in that niche. But wait a minute the question is that "how to identify the niche?".

To identify a niche/service on every platform you have to focus on your interest and your expertise. If you have an interest in Graphics design or any other field you have to focus on that niche only. 

Even you may select a sub-niche in Graphic Designing like Logo Making, Bussines card design, Banner Making, etc.

You have to focus on your interest and your expertise and choose only a niche or sub-niche and go for it.

2. Create your Upwork Account

You can create your Upwork account easily in a few simple steps:

how to create account on Upwork
  • Go to Upwork.
  • SignUp Upwork as a freelancer.
  • Enter your detail or even you can signup with your Google account directly.
  • Now create your Upwork profile.
  • If you want to know how to make an attractive Upwork profile, then follow the below instructions.

Create an Attractive and Polished Profile

An attractive and professional profile is the main thing through which you can make money on Upwork for a long time.

As a freelancer when a client visits your profile then they know about you and your professional skills. 

When your profile has no professional details and some proof of your skill then you will never be successful on Upwork as a freelancer.

For creating a professional, attractive, and polished profile you have to focus on:\

  • Explain your journey with your selected niche in a few lines.
  • Provide detailed information about your expertise.
  • Give proof of your experience by providing working images or links.
  • Professionally arrange your profile (search your competitors and compare).
  • That's it all.

3. Set your pricing and start hard working

Upwork is providing two ways through which you can earn money online. You have to choose one of them and start working with it. 

The ways through which you can make money on Upwork are:

Upwork Hourly Pay Projects

As a freelancer on Upwork, you can get appointed by different clients or companies for hourly projects depending on your working experience and professional profile. 

You can provide your hourly working rate through which you can earn money easily.

For working hourly pay projects you have to install an app on your personal computer. 

Through this app, the client would be tracking your working timing and they can also see your work. 

When you are assigned for the project then if you work for an hour and the client would not be satisfied with your work and they want to terminate you then first they have to pay for your work.

Upwork Fixed Pay Projects

Different clients/companies upload different projects and they want to hire freelancers to complete that project at a time. 

They provide fixed pay for that project or they ask a freelance that in how much price they complete that project.

In your niche, you have to find your competitors at your level and find what price they demand the project. 

And then you have to demand low project prices from your clients. This will increase your chances of getting more projects on Upwork.

Note: if you are new to Upwork then at the start you have to lower your prices. After some time when you start getting projects then you high your project rats.

4. Start Sending Proposals to Clients or Companies

As a freelancer on Upwork or any other workplace, you have to know how to create relationships with clients. 

Because for making money on Upwork for a long time you have to establish the best relationship with the client through good communication and project completion on time.

If you want to increase the chances of making money on Upwork then follow these instructions.

  1. Create your profile professional.
  2. Find clients or different companies in your niche.
  3. Make your communication professional.
  4. Start sending a proposal to them, that how you can do that work in time at low prices.
  5. Once they would hire you for the project and you complete it on time then maybe they would offer you more projects in the future.
  6. Stay active and be professional.

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How do you get paid by Upwork?

Upwork is paid his freelancer in different ways like PayPal, Direct deposit, or maybe wire transfer.

Upwork has to pay for hourly projects after every single week. And the money would transfer after 10 days of completion of the project. And if the project would end before the time it would consider completed.

For a fixed pay project, you have to reach the milestone through which you agreed. When the client fails or refuses to pay and you think you hit the milestone then you can launch a dispute against it.

Upwork Pros and Cons

Everything has some Pros and Cons. Upwork is best in some comparisons with others and some are not so let's find the pros and cons of Upwork.


  1. You can work from everywhere in the world.
  2. There are a lot of jobs posted from everywhere on an hourly basis.
  3. A lot of chances to get projects by sending proposals to clients.
  4. You can grow your portfolio on Upwork by working with clients around the globe.
  5. Upwork feature has that client can allow you bonuses there.
  6. Upwork takes the guarantee that you would be get paid.


  1. Many scammer clients would message you to work directly without involving Upwork.
  2. Upwork takes the cut of every project up to 20%.
  3. In every single niche, there are a lot of freelancers present.
  4. In hourly projects, the freelancer must take screenshots for proof.

Upwork is legit or not?

Like other freelancing platforms, Upwork pays at the time and it has a dispute system through which they can take action at the time.

Upwork, take the responsibility that you would get paid for your project. Upwork never scams anyone client as well as a freelancer.

So without any doubt, Upwork is legit.


Upwork is a marketplace for freelancers. At Upwork, you can hire a freelancer or work as a freelancer. 

There are a lot of niche options are available to select one of the niches and start working with it.

As a freelancer. you have to signup and select your niche category. Then create a gig or request for jobs by sending proposals.

The question is how to make money on Upwork, so for making money on Upwork there are two best methods.

  • Fixed pay projects- you can complete that project and you will be get paid.
  • Hourly pay project- the client would pay you according to working hours.

You can also make money on Upwork by establishing a relationship with different clients and increasing the chances of getting more projects from them.

Also, create a professional portfolio and attractive profile for getting more projects through proposals.

Start your journey and be an expert in your niche

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