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VidiQ VS TubeBuddy: Best Tool For YouTube Videos SEO and Monetization

Vidiq vs Tubebuddy YouTube SEO Tools

Which video tool is better for YouTubers? Tubebuddy or vidIQ? This is a topic that many youtube users have asked themselves, and the answer isn't always simple.

In this blog article, we'll compare the features of both applications (VidIQ vs Tubebuddy) to help you determine which is best for you. So, which of the two is it: vidIQ or tubebuddy? Continue reading to find out!

VidIQ VS TubeBuddy: Youtube SEO & Analytics Tools

What is VidiQ?

VidIQ is an online platform that analyses your YouTube videos' search, discoverability, interaction, social sharing, and conversions.

They also have a call tracking capability that allows them to track where the leads are coming from. Their package starts at $19 per month or $199 per year. You can have many users with different login passwords, but only one trial version account.

A competitive analysis, keyword discovery, YouTube analytic insights, YouTube tagging, and YouTube audience demography are among the features.

VidIQ review will cover all the doubts about choosing the best YouTube SEO tool between both(VidIQ or TubeBuddy).

What is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a video SEO tool, auto transcription service, bulk editor, bulk uploader, and monetization platform with filtering features. It has subscription levels starting at $49 per month or $480 per year.

They also provide a 14-day free trial that contains all of the capabilities of the complete version other than that it only allows for the editing of 5 videos rather than the infinite amount of films in the complete version.

Auto transcription, SEO scrape, analytics reports (similar to VidIQ analytic insights), bulk editing (of title, description, and tags), pivot table pivot (sort data by views, likes, dislikes, comments, or subscribers), monetization platform, bulk uploader (of videos only), email alerts and notifications, and filters are among the features available.

Below will see a detailed tubebuddy review through which you can understand the differences between Tubebuddy and VidIQ.

1. VidiQ VS TubeBuddy: Competitive analysis

Both products (VidIQ vs Tubebuddy) contain a competitive analysis option that is useful when performing a keyword study to discover what words your rivals are ranking for.

The primary comparison between the two is that VidIQ employs past data from your rivals, whilst TubeBuddy's technology displays current video search results.

That is, if someone else has just posted a movie with the same title as yours, Tubebuddy will display it in your results, but VidIQ will not. Furthermore, if someone has a very high view count for this specific term, it may not appear in either VidIQ or Tubebuddy's results.

2. TubeBuddy vs VidiQ: Keyword discovery

One of the primary reasons for utilizing either program (VidIQ vs tubebuddy) is to assist with keyword analysis for your films. When it comes to selecting keywords, both programs provide a plethora of options. VidIQ has a "keyword explorer" that is quite detailed and useful for individuals who wish to search for new and related keywords.

TubeBuddy has a "keyword research" page that allows you to choose where you want your keyword data to come from (Google, YouTube, Bing), as well as additional filters that may be utilized. The sole disadvantage is that it does not show you how competitive the term is, which you can get on VidIQ "competition analysis" page.

3. Youtube Video Analytics of TubeBuddy and Vidiq

Both products (VidIQ vs Tubebuddy) provide YouTube analytic information, although in somewhat different methods. Tubebuddy's widget displays how your movies are performing right now, but VidIQ provides historical statistics on the same section of the platform.

The major difference between the two is that TubeBuddy offers a graph with varying percentages of views, likes, dislikes, and comments, whereas VidIQ, shows these metrics separately rather than all at once.

People are also interested in making money from Youtube and they want to know the best ways of making money from Youtube.

This can be useful for some, but others may prefer to view everything on one graph. Furthermore, VidIQ only displays averages rather than totals, which makes it more realistic when comparing channels/videos, whereas Tubebuddy allows you to display total or averaged figures.

4. YouTube tagging (Like Keyword Tagging for Google AdWords)

In terms of YouTube tagging, both apps (VidIQ vs Tubebuddy) provide comparable functionality. This is especially useful for individuals who aren't great at keyword research but still want to make sure they're using relevant keywords without stuffing their video titles, descriptions, or tags with extraneous phrases.

TubeBuddy allows you to tag any term that appears in your video, which can then be sorted using TubeBuddy's "keyword research" feature, where you can see how many times the phrase has been tagged through your uploaded files as well as other statistics about it, such as how competitive it is.

VidIQ goes even further by providing a 10-step keyword optimization method that allows you to add up to 20 tags for each stage depending on how much time you have to complete each stage. The disadvantage is that it might be confusing for individuals who are not used to employing keywords.

5. Channel Management of Vidiq and TubeBuddy

Both VidIQ and TubeBuddy provide channel control tools, albeit in distinct ways. VidIQ features a "channel insights" page that provides statistics on your subscribers, overall views, video views, likes, and so on.

It also has an "uploader," which is useful if you want to upload files in bulk rather than one at a time.

TubeBuddy's channel administration is found under the "tools" tab and includes the ability to create thumbnails, cards, and end screens (which VidIQ does not have), as well as other useful features such as the ability to change your channel name and alter your profile image.

6. Tubebuddy vs Vidiq: Monetization and Sponsorship

Both tools (VidIQ versus Tubebuddy) include monetization and sponsorship options. VidIQ offers a "monetize" page that displays information such as your expected profits, the channels with which you are affiliated, and more.

TubeBuddy's "monetize" page is significantly simpler, merely showing you how much revenue you've made from adverts on your videos and giving sponsorships.

TubeBuddy Pricing

Tubebuddy offers three price options: free, single, and enterprise. The free plan contains all of Tubebuddy's features except the option to create discounts.

The single plan involves all of Tubebuddy's features and the ability to produce discounts and monitor affiliate sites. Tubebuddy's corporate package provides all of Tubebuddy's features, as well as white-labeling, custom discounts, and analytics/reporting for up to 10,000 members.

Except for discounts, Tubebuddy provides a free plan with all of its services. The solo plan allows you to generate discounts, track affiliated sites, and access analytics/reporting. The corporate package provides personalized coupon generation for up to 10,000 subscribers, white labeling for a company's brand, and analytics/reporting.

TubeBuddy Pricing

VidIQ Pricing

VidIQ is a Channel on youtube management solution that incorporates SEO data and allows you to create customized keyword lists and watchlists for YouTube channels.

VidIQ also has a Chrome plugin and a Professional plan. The cost for these choices is shown in the table below:

Vidiq Pricing

7. Tubebuddy vs Vidiq: Chrome Extension

Both tools have chrome extensions through which you can analyze different competitors targeted keywords/tags, channel analytics, and much more. 

TubeBuddy extension for chrome provides an easy and simple user interface through which users can easily understand the information.

VidIQ chrome extension is always like TubeBuddy but it can give some extra functionality than TubeBuddy. You can find that functionality by using the VidIQ Chrome extension or direct VidIQ account signup.

VidIQ's extra functionalities include multiple competitor analyses, daily video topic ideas, and video ranking tips and tricks. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, both programs (VidIQ vs Tubebuddy) are excellent for YouTube videos and may be used to enhance your channel's performance.

The major difference between the two is that VidIQ provides additional tools for video research, administration, and optimization, which might be intimidating for individuals who are unfamiliar with this sort of technology.

TubeBuddy's tool is easy to use and includes features such as tags (which VidIQ does not), as well as end screens and thumbnails, which are useful if you want to make cards or custom thumbnails.

Affiliate Program for Tubebuddy

Conclusion of Vidiq vs Tubebuddy

You may begin using TubeBuddy or VidIQ right away. Don't put it off any longer if you really want to make the most of your YouTube channel.

Begin by utilizing VidIQ competition analytical model and keyword discovery features to see which keywords are driving the attention of your rivals so that you can optimize your videos accordingly. Then, read our blog post about how much money you may make through monetization and sponsorship options!

We want to help you succeed, so please contact us if you have any queries concerning digital marketing services, video creation, or anything else connected to digital marketing.

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