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Email Marketing Strategy For Beginners- Nonsense Guide For 2023

 The email marketing strategy is still a process that a marketer develops and applies to achieve specific marketing goals. These goals will achieve using email advertising.

This strategy provides marketers with a direct way of communicating with prospects and consumers to promote their brand.

Given that every dollar invested in email marketing generates at least $40 in revenue for a company. Even more, marketers are employing this marketing strategy.

However, it is easy to recognize that marketing techniques fail and hence do not provide a financial return.

For such an effective email marketing strategy, a well-planned strategy should define goals and provide an easy roadmap. GetResponse is used by online company owners to successfully go through all stages of developing successful email marketing best practices.

Email Marketing Strategy

Email Marketing Strategy and Plan

How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

We will now look at the critical actions that marketers must take to establish an effective marketing strategy.

  • Set email marketing objectives.
  • Select the email marketing tools that are required.
  • Determine your target viewers.
  • Determine the best list-building strategies.
  • Separate your email list into sections.
  • Determine the sorts of emails to send and create a plan for sending them.
  • Optimize your email content by formatting it.
  • Carry out split testing.
  • Examine email performance reports.

1. Set Email Marketing Objectives

     Marketing emails are used for the following purposes:

  • boost consumer engagement
  • increase loyalty
  • build client contacts to achieve

2. Select Email Marketing Tools that are required

The first step in developing an email campaign strategies marketing plan is to identify the appropriate tools. A marketer needs an Email Service Provider (ESP) that has an optimization tool, including other things.

GetResponse makes it simple to generate, manage, and send emails and email marketing segmentation.

Marketers may use Automation 360 to follow up on consumers and send the correct mail at the correct time. 

For example, you may establish welcome emails to welcome new subscribers. Also, empty emails encourage consumers to take action on things that have been left in their carts, and so on.

Sign up now to get started with the GetResponse email marketing plan.

3. Determine Your Target Viewers

The marketer must next grow their email lists. To accomplish so, you must first determine the target demographic that your organization serves. For example, if a company sells baby clothing, its target market consists mostly of expectant women. As a result, it makes good sense to employ traditional methods to get this demographic's email addresses.

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4. Determine the best list-building strategies

Subscriptions are a good approach to establishing email lists. You can use GetResponse to add membership forms to your website and make quality customers. Those customers are excited to hear from your company. Subscription forms should be placed in high-traffic locations on your website.


Create multiple membership forms with GetResponse to boost your online presence. Users may sign up for emails, SMS marketing, and chatbots on Facebook Messenger and Telegram. All you have to do now is add the URL to your chatbot. Take a look at the image below.

5. Separate your email list into sections

Segmenting is an excellent strategy for sending highly targeted email drip marketing. Marketers may segment their email lists with GetResponse depending on geography, gender, occupation, age, behavior, and so on. As a result, you can be confident that you are sending relevant and tailored messages that are appealing to clients.

6. Determine the sorts of emails and create a plan for sending them

Marketers send a wide range of various emails. The email style chosen is determined by the goal of each campaign. Send a welcome email to a person who has recently joined your mailing service.

For example. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss a good idea for working with the business.

To enhance sales, send an empty cart email to clients who added things to their cart but did not purchase them. Learn more about the many sorts of email campaigns.

7. Optimize your email content by formatting it

According to a 2017 Adestra research, 83.8 percent of users open emails on their devices.

To target this demographic, it is sensible to optimize email segmentation content for smartphones. Some methods for ensuring mobile-friendly email content include:

  • Creating short topic lines
  • Emails are limited to a size of 600px.
  • Making use of single-column templates.
  • Small pictures are displayed.
  • Creating different call-to-actions (CTAs).
  • Testing on a variety of mobile devices.
  • Menu bars should be avoided.
  • Make use of larger font sizes (13-14 pixels).

8. Conduct Split Testing

Marketers may use different testing techniques. These techniques help to identify which copy of their email performs better by changing out different parts of their emails.

Such as subject lines (the most common choice), graphics, CTAs, headlines, discounts, promotions, and so on.

9. Examine Email Performance Report

The final stage in building an email marketing channels plan is to adjust your email strategy depending on reports and feedback.

GetResponse provides users with a collection of data that may be used to determine the performance of email campaigns. Keep track of email rates, click-through rates, email delivery, email failures, landing page, spam complaints, social media, and other metrics.

Email Performance Report
Credit: Agency Analytics

Techniques for Improving Your eCommerce Email Marketing Strategy

  • In return for an email address, provide a reward.
  • Subscribers can be categorized immediately from the subscription form.
  • Send a greetings email
  • Clients should be classified depending on their activity.
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Send out email milestones
  • Conduct customer return efforts.
  • Reward dedicated customers

1. In return for an email address, provide a reward

This is known as a lead magnet. You may use this tool to greatly boost the number of subscribers and make a lead's initial purchase less unpleasant. Keep in mind that it should be beneficial to your potential clientele.

You can provide consumers with free delivery on their first shopping or a voucher for savings on their first order.

To hasten your leads' decision-making, instill fear of losing out and limit the length of your offer.

Gap also employs a similar strategy. Subscribing to the brand's newsletters entitles you to a 25% discount. They also guarantee to notify users through email about recent arrivals and unique bargains.

Email is an exchange of value

2. Subscribers can be categorized immediately from the subscription form

ECommerce requires segmentation. Your business may have separate sections for men, women, and children. If you send an email to buy content marketing clothes, your mail click-through rate and customer engagement will fall.

You may deliver tailored and relevant advertisements to each person on your email list by using segmentation.

Fill in some more fields to obtain the data you need. You can ask for a user's gender or data about the types of things they're interested in.

When subscribers fill out your form, their information is saved as a variable on your mailing list. Then, you may send your email marketing campaign to a particular factor or an email list section.

As a consequence, each user will get offers that are of interest to them.

3. Send a greetings email

A welcoming email is your opportunity to create a good first impression on potential customers. To properly educate your audience, you can send a new email or a sequence of three emails.

A greeting email series can help you achieve a variety of objectives. Remind users about the benefits of business with you and provide top-rated products, or provide special deals.

Take a look at this adorable greeting email from Petco. Every line and image in this message is about how much I love animals. The letter begins with a lovely welcome that will undoubtedly make you grin.

The brand provides main categories and invites the user to make a pet profile. After that, the user will receive information, and offers, as well as a free birthday celebration for a pet. This welcoming email will not go unnoticed.

Welcome Email

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4. Clients should be classified depending on their activity

Go beyond traditional segmentation based on subscriber information. Every day, hundreds of customers visit your online website to search for products, add to carts, and of course, make purchases.

If you don't want to set the requirements manually, GetResponse offers pre-made segments. Divide your subscribers into three groups depending on their activities,

  • People who joined your database in the past 30 days
  • Online users who viewed five of your most recent emails
  • Inactive subscribers.

You can also group people depending on how they interacted with your promotions

You may use this data to launch highly focused ads, enhance client retention, and raise revenue.

5. Upselling and cross-selling

These drip marketing campaign methods can help you enhance client retention, loyalty, and sales. Both strategies entail selling more than the buyer plans to purchase.

Businesses use cross-selling to persuade customers to purchase other items in addition to their orders.

Brands, for example, frequently provide a cover or earbuds with a smartphone. Because both goods are utilized in tandem, this advertising is always on target.

Upselling refers to pushing more expensive, improved, and superior items rather than the customer's first pick. For example, marketers push larger-screen televisions, the new iPhone, or a premium plan instead of a trial version. The problem here is to describe why this item is a highly recommended option.

The email shown below is a sample of a cross-selling email issued by Amazon.

You may send cross-selling and upselling emails immediately following a transaction with the GetResponse Automation solution.

6. Send out email milestones

Milestone emails aid in the development of long-term connections with clients. This sort of communication often denotes a certain stage in the client's lifetime. It may be a customer's anniversary or an anniversary.

Because of their individualized character, these initiatives enjoy high open rates and CTR.

To create a milestone email, you must collect data from your clients,

  • Such as their date of Birth.
  • Membership dates.
  • First purchases.
  • Any other notable events.

You may use this information to thank your customer for these significant milestones. And thanks to them for their loyalty to your company. Treat them with one kind of offer.

They will undoubtedly appreciate your concern and return to your brand.

7. Conduct customer return efforts

This is an essential duty for maintaining the health of your email list. The subscribers of your brand may wane, they may no longer want your services, or they may just forget about you.

However, don't rush to delete them from your email list. You may re-engage them using a re-engagement campaign.

This email might help you figure out why your customers aren't engaging with your brand.

When visitors click the unsubscribe link, you may display a form with a variety of justifications for them to choose from. If you're not giving up, provide keep trying to remind them of the advantages of being a member of your community. It might be a special offer or a deal.

8. Reward dedicated customers

These people are helping your business expand, bring you a lot of money, and spread the positive word about your brand. Because it is far more difficult to recruit a new consumer, you maintain such customers and reward them.

You may set up a unique loyalty club for customers who place more than 10 purchases

PetSmart invites customers to join their loyalty program to collect rewards and receive unique goodies for every dollar spent. Furthermore, they vow to surprise each pet on their anniversary and to deliver special bargains through email.


Every dollar invested in email marketing generates at least $40 in revenue for a company. Marketing emails are used for the following purposes: to boost consumer engagement, increase loyalty and build client contacts. GetResponse explains how to create an effective email marketing strategy. 

Use GetResponse to add membership forms to your website and attract high-quality customers. Separate your email list into sections using GetResponse to create highly targeted emails.

GetResponse provides users with a collection of data that may be used to determine the performance of email campaigns. 

You may use this tool to greatly boost the number of subscribers and make a lead's initial purchase less unpleasant. Subscribing to the brand's newsletters entitles you to a 25% discount.

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