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Secure Your Future by Making Money From Graphic Designing

Make money from graphic designingWhen you thought about graphic design, did you think of creative commercials? Websites with visually appealing graphics? Beautifully laid-out magazine spreads?

While these examples obviously fall under the category of graphic design, the term encompasses a vast range of products, including posters, book covers, product labels, logos, business cards, signs, web designs, mobile applications, and software interfaces, to mention a few.

So, what is graphic design exactly? These graphic design examples are good for startups, but they don't cover everything. 

While it is hard to cover all of the nuances and complexity of the graphic design profession in a single post, this high-level perspective will help in your comprehension of this creative field.

Make Money From Graphic Designing

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is a creative way to express your message to people through visual content like images, posters, advertisements, etc. 

Graphic designing is defined as "the practice and art of thinking and planning which helps in making a visual shape to ideas, texture contents, and also projecting its experience."

In simple words, Graphic designing is a field where you can show your ideas to people in visual form. For example, if you want to promote some product then you have to make a visual advertisement for them.

It is a brought field. It's not limited to a specific field like Advertisements, Logos, Business cards, etc. It includes motion graphics, video graphics, illustrations, etc. We discuss that field later in this post.

Basic Elements and Principles of Graphic Design?

To understand graphic design briefly, you must know about some elements and principles of it. 

The elements help you in human psychology or attractive visual creation and principles help you in professional looking.

These elements include:

  1. Lines
  2. Colors
  3. Spacing
  4. Size
  5. Texture
  6. Shape

graphic designing elements and principles

Graphic design principles are a set of guidelines that helps you in achieving your goal of attractive composition. These principles help you in achieving your expertise to the next level.

These principles include the following:

  1. Emphasis
  2. Balance
  3. Contrast
  4. Proportion
  5. Movement
  6. Rythm'

You have to first understand the elements and principles before you become the best graphic designer. So be focused on that rules and elements until you become an expert and not start making your own rules. 

You can create the design according to these elements and principles easily using Canva.

Types of graphic designing

Graphic designing is not a limited field. We discuss before that it is not limited to posters, paint, etc. It is a brought field and we discuss it with an example like that.

If you ask someone 30 years ago what is graphic designing? His answer is that "graphic designing is a way of making graphics like posters, advertisements, magazines, etc." But know it is not limited to these posters etc.

Now it become the most useable field with modern graphics techniques. Some of the modern-day graphic design examples in the advancement of technology are:

  • Website design focuses on creating engagement and the best web pages. Also include overall color scheme, navigations, and layouts.
  • Motion graphics are also known as animation- it brings a visual element to real life through visual effects, TV shows, movies, etc.

Motion graphics design

  • User experience (UX) design is totally focused on creating a user-friendly environment in web development, website design, or application design.

07 fundamental types of graphic design: You must know

Graphic design is now divided into multiple parts. There are some fundamental types of it that you should know before starting your career. 

We discuss these fundamental types with a few simple words and examples so you can easily select the best career option for yourself.

1. Marketing and advertising graphic designing

When people talk about graphic design, they also talk about those designs created for advertisement and marketing.

Marketing and advertising is way to convey your message to the audience through graphics. But the brands trying to target a specific age group audience that the reason that you have to be creative. You can use Canva as a tool for creating these graphics easily.

advertisement and marketing graphic design

Examples are: 

  • Infographics
  • Posters, banners
  • Postcards
  • Flyer
  • Vehicle wraps
  • Social Media ads
  • Email Marketing Templates
  • Vehicle wraps
  • and so on...

2. Packaging graphic designing

Every single product required a type of packaging, it may be a box or paper, etc. Packaging is the way of storing, selling or distributing products. This makes packaging a valuable way of marketing.

Packaging graphic design is the main thing for a brand that how they interact with others. Packaging is a way of conveying a product message for which purpose it is made. 

packaging graphic design

Packaging graphic design is a work of creative and professional graphic designers because without communication you have to explain the purpose through graphics.

3. User-Interface graphic designing

User Interface(UI) is a way that how the user interacts with different websites or applications.

The User-Interface graphic designer has to focus on creating a simple and clean application environment. People can interact with different applications, games, and websites easily.

User Interface(UI) is totally dependent on User experience(UX) because UI focuses on providing a user experience attractive and simple. User experience includes buttons, textarea, forms, small user interfaces, and so on.

user interface graphic desing

Example are:

  • Web page design
  • Game interfaces
  • Themes design
  • Application design

4. Publication of graphic designing

Publication graphics is a long-term way to communicate with the audience through public distribution. Publication graphics includes layouts, covers, page arrangements, font size, and color.

Publication designers may work as a freelancer, working from a company side or directly dealing with clients from home, or even work for a small business.

Publication graphic design

Examples are:

  • Newspaper
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Directories
  • Annual Reports
  • Newsletters

5. Visual identity graphic designing

A brand is a relationship maker for a company or organization and its targeted audience. 

The visual aspects of brand identification that operate as the face of a brand to express those intangible attributes through pictures, forms, and color are known as visual identity graphic design. 

Canva is the best tool for creating some awesome stuff for you within minutes.

visual identity graphic design

In simple words, those visuals through which the company communicates, and share its experiences with its targeted audience are known as visual identity graphics.

6. Art & illustration graphic designing

Graphic art and illustration are sometimes mistaken for graphic design, but they are very different. 

Professional designers construct compositions to explain and solve problems, whereas graphic artists and illustrators produce original artwork. Their work includes fine art, decoration, and narrative imagery.

Even though graphic art and illustration are not technically types of it, there is so much generated for commercial purposes within the domain of it that one cannot be discussed without the other.

art and illustration graphic design

Examples are:

  • Motion Graphics
  • Stock photos
  • Video games
  • T-shirt design
  • Illustration
  • Cover Art
  • Comic Books
  • Websites

7. Motion graphic designing

Those graphics which are in motion is known as motion graphics. Motion graphics include imagery, animations, typography, videos, and much more which are used in online media, videos, movies, etc. 

Motion graphics are becoming more famous in recent years due to the growth in technology.

Every day different designers join "Motion graphic designer" as a field. Motion graphics can save a lot of time and cost in the making of Animated TV Series, movies, etc because it is easy to use and more accurate rather than thousands of pictures. 

A lot of free resources are present on Canva, through which you can create motion graphics easily.

Example are:

  • Trailers
  • Presentations
  • Promotional videos
  • Animated logos
  • Advertisements
  • Websites
  • Apps
  • Games
  • Gif's
  • Tutorial Videos

Best Tools for Graphic Designing

best tools for graphic design

A lot of tools are used by graphic designers for different purposes. But the more preferred tools are Adobe tools which are Adobe PhotoshopIllustratorInDesign, etc. 

But what are the best tools for graphic designing? The answer is so simple, it depends on your select categories of it.

If you are doing work with vector graphics of course you will go with Adobe illustrator. Are you want to work on the animation you can use Adobe After Effect.

But if you are a beginner in the graphics field and you want to work easily then there is also the best tool. Canva is the best tool for all types of work. You can do a lot of work like working with pictures, graphics, illustration, animation, and much more.

Canva is the most trusted and high-quality graphic designing tool. Canva has a free and paid version also.

If you want to work with limited things like free designed templates, wall art, and tools then you can go with the free version. Due to its creative market and user experience designer, it is the best tool of all time.

But if you want to make your work easy and are not interested in learning Adobe products then you can go with the paid version of Canva. It's totally depending on your mind how you can use Canva for normal use or for every purpose tool.

How To Make Money From Graphic Designing?

Graphic designing is a passion and art of work. You can do everything through these graphics which is not possible in the real world. 

That is the reason that graphic designing is on hipe and there is a demand for a lot of designers from everywhere in the world.

make money from graphic designing

But are average people thinking that how to make money from graphic designing? There are a lot of ways to make money from graphic design which are as under:

  • Work as a Freelancer on Upwork as a service provider for illustration, animation, video editing, etc.
  • Work on DesignCrowd because they are providing a lot of projects for all mediums from logo and website to billboard design.
  • Minty is also best for professional artists whose looking for collaborative and fast projects.
  • As a freelancer, We Work Remotely is also a good choice because there you can find different types of remotely designing side hustles.
  • Also, you can provide your services on any social media platform and generate a lot of passive income from home.

Graphic Designing Jobs

Graphic designing is a wide field where you can find a lot of full-time jobs. You have no idea how job opportunities are arriving every single day in this field. 

Just you have to learn a specific skill and then start making money online as well as offline.

Graphic designing jobs list so much wide but some of the interesting and most searchable jobs are:

  • Animations
  • Typography
  • Bussines Cards & Logos design
  • Video Editing
  • Video Games
  • Advertisements
  • UI/UX Designing

Future of Graphic Designing

Graphic design is becoming the most important field in our daily life. And when we adopt something in our daily routines then we can not leave that easily. 

Artificial Intelligence also plays a great role in graphic design because all of the work done in AI is through graphics and programming.

Nowadays we are totally dependent on graphics in every field. It's become a most important part of our daily life. 

There are a lot of works which are become easy through graphic design like applications, websites, movies, advertisements, logos, etc.

Graphic design also plays a great role in the medical field by helping them with Ultrasound, and X-Ray machines. Even a lot of surgeries are completed through graphics and AI.

There is a big community of freelance graphic designers from all over the world who is working in every field. Graphic designers have also a high salary starting from $1,000 to $25,000. So a lot of people are making money from graphic design, that sounds good.

So you would be the next one who can make money from graphic designing using Canva. Start your work by using a single tool for providing graphic designing services and make a lot of money from it.

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