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Best Ways To Make Money With Canva: Earn With Canva App

Canva is a wonderful application that allows individuals to quickly convert their creative ideas into reality with several clicks. It not only gives the tools for creating interesting pictures for social media accounts, but it also allows freelancers to utilize it as a money-making business. But the thing is that you have to know the best ways of making money with Canva.

This website offers an excellent opportunity for those with almost no design knowledge to quickly and easily generate professional designs.

There are several ways to generate money using Canva for individuals searching for an extra source of income.

As a result, this article takes a look at some of the more famous choices.

Best ways to make money with Canva

Best Ways To Make Money With Canva(2023)

Since the site's early days in 2013, more users have joined it to develop a variety of designs.

Several individuals use it to make business cards, brochures, posters, invitations, and wedding invitations. Some will use it to create picture collages of family members or personalized birthday greetings for loved ones.

What you choose to do with your ideas, earning money is often a good idea!

If you have a unique spirit or are seeking some more extra income, you may start utilizing this tool to make extra income.

1. Make Money By Creating Canva Tutorial For YouTube

Canva tutorials on YouTube have increased in popularity over the last several years, and it's an opportunity for you to join in with the fun!

You're now an expert with using Canva, and you've made some money from your works just on the side.

Now it's an opportunity to take things to the next level!

YouTube is a fantastic medium that has given us a variety of people that make a career because of what they offer online.

YouTube is one of the most popular internet sites. YouTube has 1 billion unique viewers every month, and more than 6 hours of content is posted each minute, as per statistics.

There are several methods to monetize your YouTube channel:

  • Google Adsense earnings
  • A good example of such an affiliate marketing scheme is Amazon Associates.
  • Alternatively, donations are accepted.

2. Create And Sell Your Own Canva Master Course

Whether you're a master at Canva, why not develop your unique course for beginners on a site like Udemy?

It's also really fairly simple to do this. Here are a few methods to create your own Udemy Canva course:

  1. Make a course outline that includes any presentations or tasks.
  2. In addition to what they'll learn, provide an overview of the course's content.
  3. Choose a pricing point for the course based on its duration and degree of difficulty.
  4. Include images and videos to assist illustrate your arguments.
  5. Upload the video that explains the course's topic in greater detail or answers commonly asked questions (FAQs).

Canva Mastery Course Udemy

You can talk about the following topics:

  • Creating a logo
  • Developing an infographic
  • Making a business card
  • Making a template for a presentation

3. Making money From Amazon's KDP Program Using Canva

Amazon KDP is an application that allows authors to digitally self-publish their work.

It was founded by Amazon, and authors of all skill levels are allowed to participate in their material for sale on the platform.

Offering ebooks is such a way to make money from Amazon KDP, which means offering book cover designs to such writers.

Furthermore, did you guys know there are more methods to earn money using Amazon KDP?

Canva can be used to produce low-content books that you can sell at Amazon using their KDP platform. 

Books of little information include:

  • Ebooks for visitors
  • Magazines
  • Ebooks for sketching
  • Notebooks for music production
  • Puzzle problems and mind games
  • Quotes books for planners

4. Sell Social Media Designs on Upwork Using Canva

In today's world, social media design is on the increase.

Social media sites are a significant way of communication for almost everyone, from small entrepreneurs to normal people who simply want to stay in contact.

With such a transformation, designers now have several chances to make money online by offering their skills and abilities on sites like Upwork.

Designing for social media is a challenging job. You have so much on your table that it's difficult to sort through every color scheme, font, and design.

Aside from that, you're probably thinking, "I'm not really a graphic designer." "How in the world am I expected to accomplish this?"

That is not anything you should be concerned about, believe me.

Canva is a great tool that helps you save time and produce an attractive design in no time!

Furthermore, no effort into creating knowledge is necessary to get started with Canva. That's how simple Canva was.

Furthermore, I would recommend that you set aside effort from time to time to acquire the ins & outs of graphic design abilities.

Which would significantly improve your chances of becoming a better designer.

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5. Making Money From The Large Ebook Market Using Canva

Have you considered the consequences of an ebook's cover artwork? People are drawn in by the cover. It's what entices people to buy and read the book.

A badly designed cover will turn potential buyers off since they do not feel that a specific story attracts them during the first look.

This is the first factor new readers see, and that will affect whether or not people want to read anymore.

Considering that you can only have just a few moments to establish a powerful first impression, the cover must be properly designed by somebody who knows the value of expressing expertise and value in those few minutes of interest.

So this is where can join in!

Try to look at Upwork, Freelancer, and other freelancing markets to discover how popular this service was or how profitable it may be for you.

6. Design and Sell Your Own Templates

Creating your unique designs on Canva and selling those as templates is such an easy and successful method to make money online.

Any design template is really a unique, pre-designed template that can be used to construct your personal website, banner, and social media designs, among other things.

Smaller companies that may not have the ability to afford anybody to create designs from start mostly use design templates.

Steps For Selling Your Design Templates

The following are the fundamental stages to selling your unique design templates:

  • Using Canva, create your design template.
  • Set the rate and publish the design on your blog or even a platform like Upwork or Fiverr.
  • Spread the word about your templates using social networks, websites, and forums.
  • Bonus step: Provide free templates as just motivation for people to come back for your magazine or join you on social sites so that you can tell your followers whenever new templates are available for purchase.
If you are still unclear than watch the below video about how to make money with Canva:

7. Generating Income as a Freelance Designer Using Canva

Our design industry has been growing. Designers have been highly sought after. Freelance designers always constantly seeking methods to monetize their expertise by utilizing popular apps such as Canva.

With this tool, you may begin earning extra money by creating social platform graphics, infographics, and virtually any other form of visual you could think of it with your talent.

There seem to be several design websites that provide freelancing work. Several designers struggle to decide which is best for them.

As a result, I prepared this list of the best 6 freelancing design websites!

  1. DesignCrowed
  2. Upwork
  3. Dribble
  4. People Per Hour
  5. Fiver
  6. Freelancer

8. Canva's Affiliate Program Can Help You Make Money Online

Canva is a popular graphic design program that has received much attention. Canva's easy access to an Affiliate Program is among the qualities that make it a wonderful option for both beginners and experts.

Anyone may make an income by promoting others to Canva software through this program.

Their affiliate program allows you to earn a percentage on any sales made via your links.

You may start earning $36 for every new Canva Pro subscription that uses their unique affiliate links to sign up.

Even though this is my cup of tea, allow me to explain how you can advertise Canva.

i. Create a Blog Post for Content Marketing

We should have a blog in addition to creating content. Running a blog is an excellent advantage in my opinion. Over time, such type of investment would offer you the additional income which everyone wants.

If you want to create a blog even if you're a newbie, go to this definitive step-by-step tutorial about how to do it.

Start developing content to advertise Canva after you have a blog. My goal here is to create stuff that is both useful and beneficial. Try to demonstrate to your audience how Canva may assist them in resolving their issues.

Content marketing blog post

ii. Insert an Advertisement into Your Blog's Header or Sidebar

Once you've been approved with their affiliate marketing program, you'll have access to the Impact dashboard. This is where you can get its banner advertising and begin to put them on your blog's head, side, or pop-up.

iii. Make it a part of your blog's resource tool

"How did you make a Sponsored Instagram post?" "What tool did you use to create that banner?" and so on.

As just a result, I've added Canva to my resources and tools page. Use this method on your blog as well.

iv. Use TikTok Growing Power

If YouTube isn't your vibe, you should look at TikTok.

TikTok is no longer just a place for youngsters to display their dance abilities. In reality, leading companies are begun to create video content for this platform to market their goods and services.

Begin by making a short lesson clip on how to use Canva to design anything. Perhaps you could provide some pointers on how to create Instagram posts.

Use your imagination in those tutorial videos, and don't forget to include a call to action — persuade your viewers to join up using your Canva referral link.

v. With Instagram Reels, you can stay on top of the algorithms

The amazing thing with Instagram Reels was that you might become popular even if you don't have too many followers. Upload your TikTok films to Reels and repurpose them.

Furthermore, in fact, make absolutely sure your Instagram bio has your Canva referral link and also encourages your followers to join up via the link.

vi. The Importance of Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is the most widely used social networking platform. Pinterest has been one of the biggest powerful advertising platforms for businesses, including over 500 million users worldwide and a rising number of everyday users.

It is a particularly low-cost method of product promotion since it does not need pressure sales and may be utilized for several objectives.

You may advertise your blog's content here. Create a Pinterest pin for your blog article and link it all to the Pinterest business account.

Final Conclusion

Canva is a fantastic tool for anybody trying to make money online.

Canva's online resources will help you succeed if you're looking to make some more money or establish your own business.

Canva, which has almost 1 million ideas & templates accessible, allows users to create whatever they choose without creative abilities.

That game is now in your court. Isn't it about time you took the plunge and started making money with Canva?

Whatever you can do is as follows.

  • Join Canva immediately now for free as well as select whatever methods (as described above) intrigue you and make you feel most at ease.
  • Enjoy your free Canva Pro trial today and experience all of the infinite stuff, branded designs, background removal, animations pro, and more features!

How do you feel about that? Are there any additional methods you'd want to share? Please let us tell us in the comments down. Also, if you find this post helpful, please spread the word.

FAQs About Make Money With Canva

1. How much money do you make each month by selling Canva templates?

Answer by Makingsenseofcents:

When I originally opened my blog, I thought of it as a side hustle. I didn't advertise my items aggressively enough and relied only on blog visitors. Remember you, the blog was a little over a year old at the time, and I was lucky if I received a hundred visitors per day on a good day.

And I was pleased with it. I remember when I gained my first hundred dollars selling Canva templates and giving myself an imagined pat on the shoulder, believing I could reward myself with a nice meal or something.

But when more sales came in, I knew I'd hit into something with a lot of promise. That's when I started to take this business seriously.

But nowadays, two years after opening my site, I'm averaging $2,000+ every month.

Still only a few hours every week!

2. What is a Canva template? What is Canva?

Canva is a web-based graphic design tool. It's also free to use, but users may upgrade to a pro membership, which unlocks some really cool features and allows them access to millions of professional actual photos and graphic components.

Every Canva template is a collection of Canva designs that can be distributed to the other Canva members, who could then change and modify them to create something new.

Users may personalize a template by changing its colors, graphics, fonts, and phrases.

It's similar to Photoshop, InDesign, or Illustrator templates.

The difference is that, although Adobe goods get a high level of complexity, Canva is simple to use, making it far more desirable among individuals who haven't had the expertise or time to master how those difficult-to-use tools function.

3. Is it necessary for me to also have an audience to make money by selling Canva templates?

Definitely not!

We understand several Canva template suppliers who don't even have a website or an email newsletter! I know a few people that earn more money than I would, but they may not have a large social media following.

You may always use third-party platforms such as GetResponse or These platforms are important in driving traffic towards your items.

In fact, a large portion of the course — Extra Money using Canva Designs, which I actually teach that doing what I do — is devoted to teaching sales methods for these two markets.

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