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7 Best Cheap Email Marketing Software in 2022

Best Cheap Email Marketing Software

Many firms have seen the numerous income benefits of email marketing. However, if you're still in the early stages or on a low budget, you'll need a cheap email marketing agency to assist you!

Fortunately, there are several options available for different sorts of businesses and sectors. All it takes is a comprehensive review to identify the most budgeted email marketing solution to assist your business pivot.

Guess what? We handled this for you! We've compiled a list of five engaging email marketing platforms for beginners and experts alike, allowing marketers and company owners to deliver stunning campaigns to their consumers without breaking the budget.

Their characteristics and pricing are shown below.

Best Cheap Email Marketing Software

1. ActiveCampaign

cheap ActiveCompaign email marketing automation software for small business

ActiveCampaign is a good choice if you need a low-cost email marketing solution that also includes CRM software and sales growth tools. It consists of all of the segmentation and automation elements required to automate a successful email-sending operation.

Overall, ActiveCampaign will help your lead generation efforts by providing event tracking. As you progress down the funnel, you'll be able to send more targeted messages depending on the objectives you've defined.

Finally, the tool comes with an email builder and dynamic content features for creating customized emails. As a marketing automation tool, it allows you to set up complicated email automation criteria to send relevant follow-up messages to your audience at the right time.

Features of ActiveCampaign

  • CRM solution for triggered and bulk emails
  • HTML template repository
  • Event tracking with audience segmentation and dynamic content for high personalization

Pricing for ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign pricing plan begins at $15 a month for up to 500 subscribers and includes email marketing, web forms, and automation tools. Overall, there are four primary options to pick from, Lite, Plus, Professional, and Enterprise, depending on your specific demands.

2. GetResponse

GetResponse cheap email marketing software for business

GetResponse is a very well email marketing technology platform with a high delivery rate and exceptional design capabilities. With online push alerts, webinars, and website tracking, the product is extremely valuable for your sales and lead creation processes.

In terms of email marketing, you may send visually appealing broadcast emails, newsletters, and SMTP-triggered emails. Create stunning templates and landing pages with the simple builder — all of them are mobile-responsive.

GetResponse Advantages

  • Transactional emails and autoresponders
  • Email template maker with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Custom segmentation and timing software
  • CRM for lead nurturing
  • Analytics in real-time

Pricing for GetResponse

GetResponse provides three premium subscriptions, Basic, Plus, and Professional, with prices beginning at $15. For companies searching for basic email services, it also offers a free email marketing plan.

3. BenchMark


Benchmark is an easy-to-use email marketing platform that offers both free and paid options. It contains an easy-to-use email editor for creating responsive campaigns with an eye-catching email design. A landing page builder is also available to help you create an efficient lead-generating strategy.

You may set up drip campaigns to engage and convert your subscribers using its marketing automation tools. You may also take use of the personalization and customization possibilities to ensure that your audience receives the proper messaging at all times.

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Typical Characteristics

  • Builder of emails and landing pages
  • Photo editing software
  • Report on A/B testing and monitoring
  • Emails from RSS
  • Campaigns based on social media

Price of Benchmark

Benchmark's premium pricing begins at $15 per month for 500 contacts. The free plan allows you an unlimited number of contacts and 250 emails per month.

4. Constant Contact

Consider creating an email for your consumers about a new legislation decree on your mobile phone. Constant Contact makes it simple by providing multiple mobile-optimized templates to help you get your business done. Furthermore, you may send bulk emails with excellent placement rates at very low prices.


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Features of Constant Contact

Authentication - It authenticates ISPs to determine who is sending valid emails to prevent DDOS attacks.

E-commerce Integrations — It is simple to set up a store and sell items such as law books, mugs, or other stuff, allowing your law business to generate additional cash. You may also add a Shopify store and import contacts.

Social Media - Increase brand recognition through social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Deliverability - They guarantee a rate of 97 percent and comply with SPAM and CASL regulations. They also utilize a lot of proactive monitoring to limit network misuse.

Incentives — Whenever one of your clients makes a reference, you may reward them and offer information about the local community, legal clinics, and new charts or amendments.

Pricing of Constant Contact

There are three price plans based on the number of contacts.

Lite - Send 10,000 emails for only $5 each month.

Email - Send unlimited emails for $20 per month, and your storage space expands significantly.

Email Plus - Send unlimited emails for $45 a month, with additional features such as A/B testing, list-building tools, surveys, polls, and discounts.

5. SendX

SendX cheap email marketing software

SendX is an email marketing software that provides an incredibly user-friendly interface for email marketers and small business owners. Without foregoing some of the more complex features.

Marketers have an unlimited number of emails to send across ALL tiers. That's correct, there are no email limitations. You just pay for the number of people on your email list. And you can do it using SendX's best-in-class Email Deliverability, so no more missed opportunities!

Key Features

  • Intuitive
  • Affordable 
  • Feature-rich Email Marketing
  • Simplest User Interface

Pricing for Sendx

Furthermore, SendX is incredibly economical, with subscription options beginning as low as $7.49/mo! However, you are not required to pay; instead, you may take advantage of SendX's 14-day free trial to test the waters before making a choice.


Systeme the cheap email marketing service for your business is suitable for both novice and experienced users.

The best feature of is that it is more than simply an autoresponder.

It's a multi-purpose marketing tool.

On, there are several email marketing features available:

  • Keep track of your contacts and lists.
  • Send unrestricted marketing emails
  • Make use of email marketing automation.
  • Using our drag-and-drop functionality, you may add fields.
  • Design your own email marketing campaigns.

You receive access to the whole digital marketing toolbox required for any online business as an all-inclusive platform.

You can also do the following using

  • With our drag-and-drop interface, you can create sales funnels.
  • Use eCommerce tools to increase sales.
  • Make a blog, publish entries, and create useful material.
  • Evergreen webinars can help you automate your business.
  • Create online courses and membership sites.
  • Establish your own affiliate marketing program.

Pricing for Systeme offers several pricing levels based on your need.

The Freemium plan gives you 2,000 contacts, unlimited emails, and all of the above capabilities – it's a true free email marketing solution.

For only $27 per month, the Startup plan gives you 5,000 contacts, unlimited emails, and all of the features described above.

You may expand the number of contacts to 10,000 and 15,000 with the Webinar ($47/month) and Enterprise ($97/month) programs, respectively.

Sign up for one of our yearly price plans and receive free migration on top of a 30% savings.

Your marketing efforts are totally scalable with, whether you operate for yourself or as a consultant for small company owners.

Even our Freemium plan includes limitless emails, so you won't be paying for an expensive tool before you've built a following to sell to.

This email marketing program has absolutely no drawbacks!

7. Pabbly

Pabbly Email Marketing is the only program that does not limit you in terms of features such as limitless emails, autoresponders, custom fields, subscription forms, and so on.

Pabbly Email Marketing is usually at the top of the list for any law practice since it allows you to send limitless emails to your clients using its own integrated SMTP for very little money. This is accompanied by exceptionally high inbox placement rates of 99 percent, which is definitely the best by any industry benchmark.

It provides an extraordinarily high-quality security architecture, so you don't have to worry about someone spying on your personal stuff. The best thing is that Pabbly Email Marketing does not require any technical knowledge. Simply make an account and you're ready to go.

Pabbly cheap email marketing service for grow your business

Features Of Pabbly

Templates — Stunning pre-built templates based on the legal domain are provided, as well as a highly intuitive drag & drop email builder to generate stunning emails. You may also include your legal firm's logo in all of your emails.

SMTP Routing — When sending bulk email, you may link it to several external SMTPs of your choosing, such as Amazon SES, Sparkpost, and so on. Email division can be done on a flat or percentage basis. This is done to lower bounce rates and improve inbox deliverability.

Security — Because it takes security seriously, it has numerous levels of barriers in place to safeguard private information from hostile assaults. Active scanning, SSL protection, and firewalls are among the security levels.

Tracking  Individual client reports for all your email campaigns to track opened, clicked, unsubscribed, and spam emails, as well as the customer's location.

List Management — Manage all of your law firm's clients in one location and categorize their legal information into distinct buckets so that you may send emails on a case-by-case basis.

2X Open Rate — It sends follow-up emails to the jurors and clients for emails that are not opened.

Import Emails - Easily import email addresses from your old email list into Pabbly Email Marketing.

Forms — To efficiently acquire more leads, including subscription forms on your website.

Autoresponders — When a new client or witness joins your legal circle, send a welcome email.

Workflow Automation — As a lawyer, you may not have the time to develop a limitless number of processes to automate various aspects of your practice.

Pabbly Pricing

Pabbly Email Marketing provides the following five plans:

Forever Free — With this completely free service, you may send 12,000 emails to 1,100 subscribers. Simply sign up and your email campaign will begin immediately.

Rookie - For only $29 per month, you may send unlimited emails to 5000 subscribers. Team management, SMTP routing, and an email builder are other fantastic features.

Pro — For $49 per month, you may send unlimited emails to 15,000 subscribers. This is their most commercially promoted strategy.

Advance - For $99 per month, send unlimited emails to 50,000 subscribers.

Enterprise - Contact their sales specialists if you wish to send mass emails to more than one million subscribers.

My Final Words About These Cheap Email Marketing Software

In my opinion, Systeme and GetResponse both are cheap as well as have a starter-free plan.

I personally suggest you use GetResponse because it supports up to 500 contacts and unlimited newsletters. So must try GetResponse and grow your business quickly.

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