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12 Best Email Marketing Ideas For eCommerce: The Thriller Guide

best email marketing ideas for eCommerce

 If you're like most e-commerce businesses, you're spending money on email marketing.

You're expanding your email list, launching well-crafted mailing lists, and engaging repeat visitors with tailored on-site communications.

However, as powerful as a marketing strategy is, it is not sufficient on its own.

Why? Because e-commerce email marketing is all about the proper sequencing, not the perfect plan.

Customers will opt out of your messages if you send the incorrect emails to the wrong prospects at the wrong time.

However, if you send the correct messages at the right time with the right prospects, you will not only have everlasting clients, but also brand evangelists.

Today, I'd like to present 11 e-commerce marketing tactics that can help you establish a loyal fan base. Whether you want to enhance engagement, increase income, or minimize unsubscribes, this piece has something for you.

Let's get this party started.

Best Email Marketing Ideas For Ecommerce

E-Commerce Email Marketing – What Is It?

E-commerce mail marketing is basically a platform for informing your subscribers about new items, discounts, offers, and other promotions.

You may use mail to soft approach by educating your customers on the significance of your business and keeping top of mind, engaging existing and new subscribers in between transactions.

1. The Initial Email For Ecommerce

You only have one opportunity to create a solid first impression. And if you don't make a good first impression on a new subscriber, your follow-up campaigns won't be either.

The welcome email is an essential campaign in your arsenal, driving three times the purchase and profit per mail than any other promotional mailing.

Its purpose is to thank members for building your list, create expectations for what's to come (for example, how frequently you'll email), and, when done correctly, ease your sales process.

for example, different brands encourage new users by providing an attractive welcome email:

the initail email

Consider the following:

  • Strive for uniqueness. If you want to stand out in your audience's inbox, you must be unique. That requires doing something unexpected for your readers. Give a discount. Speak in their native tongue. Inform them to respond to your email. Give them all they need to know that they've come to the correct spot.
  • Design for ease of use. Remove impediments to buying if you have a large product line. Make it simple for new subscribers to find what they're searching for, whether it's by product category or anything else.

2. The Email Curation For Ecommerce

The Beatles have one. Madonna's Immaculate Collection. Gold: Abba's Greatest Hits.

What is it that they all share in common? (Aside from being the finest compilations?)

They are among the top-selling albums of all time. Why are these the better albums of all time?

People adore curated content. People adore buying the finest of the best, whether it's music or, in our scenario, actual things.

It's no wonder, therefore, that e-commerce marketers love curation emails.

If you're not acquainted, the curation email's purpose is to showcase a brand's greatest assets.

for example, Huckberry does in each newsletter, advertising popular products:

email curation

Curating the best in the world works because subscribers may select what they wish to learn further about.

This is why many websites offer "start here" pages and product pages are frequently sorted by bestsellers by default.

There's another cause why it works:

It enables email marketers to categorize subscribers depending on their preferences.

Here's an illustration:

Assume you own an online furniture company and your magazine curates the greatest pieces in the following categories:

  • Tables
  • Storage cabinets
  • Lighting
  • Seating
  • Decorative objects
  • Serveware
  • Other

If you're utilizing send and receive emails (ESP) like Infusionsoft to tag subscribers, you may start rating them depending on their activity. For example, if a customer ONLY clicks on seating-related advertisements, you may safely infer that you can target your promotional activities solely on seats.

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3. The Email Of Engagement For Ecommerce

Marketing specialist Gary Halbert was famed in the golden era of direct reaction marketing for putting "grabbers" like dollar notes to mailings.


Because he intended to catch the attention of his prospects.

With the average worker getting up to 122 emails per day, inviting subscribers to connect with your emails is critical if you want to remain visible in their inbox.

While tying cryptocurrencies to campaigns may not be a feasible solution, there are alternative methods to improve participation.

Brooklinen, for example, promotes participation by providing free shipping:

Brooklinen understands that delivery is a common cause of cart abandonment. So, not just do they provide free delivery to members, but they also provide a means for them to activate it. It's also clever. Brooklinen understands that people cherish things that require effort... and free delivery is no exception.

Campaigns like the one described above not only inspire participation but also foster a two-way interaction between Brooklinen and its customers.

So, whether you're giving free delivery or urging visitors to begin a trial version, give users a reason to interact with your campaigns, and remember to make it memorable.

4. The Email Of Recommendation For Ecommerce

It's no secret that asking the user to refer family members to a company is an excellent way to generate free leads.

According to a new BigCommerce poll, 74 percent of buyers consider word-of-mouth to be a major driver in their purchase choice.

With figures like that, it's easy to see why businesses spend time developing effective referral programs.

You may already be requesting recommendations on your thanking your page (if not, you should be). But do you do it in your email marketing as well?

SendinBlue is an excellent example of requesting recommendations. They not only provide explicit information in their email, but they also provide a reward: a free demo of the webinar:

You may not be able to provide free gloves with each referral (few can), but you do have enough money in your marketing budget to provide a thank you.

5. The Coupon Email For Ecommerce

Discounting is a powerful e-commerce marketing tactic.

And it's easy to understand why businesses like Apuls achieved conversion rates were high as 5.13 percent.

According to one VWO survey, 72 percent of Millennial customers are open to advertising through discounts.

Furthermore, 54 percent of customers are inclined to repurchase abandoned items if they are provided at a lower price. (More on it later.)

Blue Asparagus, an American food delivery business, frequently offers discounts to members to lure further purchases (notice the scarcity to invoke the dread of missing out):

But be cautious:

While discounting is helpful, there must be a balance.

Too frequently, and your revenues will suffer; too infrequently, and you risk losing consumers to a competition.

The silver lining, therefore, is to only give discounts to subscribers who participate in your promotions.

6. The Email Confirming Your Order For Ecommerce

Conversion uncovered an intriguing observation after analyzing 100,000+ email receipts:

Every order confirmation letter generates $0.25 in additional income for e-commerce stores:

Doesn't seem like much, does it? I didn't believe it either. But then I did some calculations: for every 100 bills sent, you can generate an extra $25 in income with no more work.

Isn't that good for an automated email?

Whereas the order confirmation letter is another tool to increase sales, it also serves as a means to create consumer expectations.

Joybird, an online electronics retailer, included an explanatory video in their purchase confirmation email to walk customers through the shipping process:

Remember that your order receipt is more than just a digital receipt; it also serves as a reminder to customers that purchasing from you was the correct move.

7. The Email Upsell For Ecommerce

You've probably heard of upselling and its cousin, cross-selling.

If you aren't, here's a quick refresher:

When you invite a customer to purchase a more costly item to increase their average order value, you are upselling.

The act of suggesting a similar or complementary product is known as cross-selling.

It's why McDonald's asks, "Do you want burgers with that?" and Amazon suggests things that are frequently purchased together, here is an overview image related to the upselling concept:

The Upsell Email

With the typical repeat client paying 67 basis points more in monthly 31-36 of his or her purchasing interaction than in months 0-6, it's no wonder that many e-commerce firms often upsell goods to consumers who have already purchased.

If cross-selling isn't a possibility for you, consider tiered pricing.

Apuls, an online merchant that specializes in workout equipment, encourages customers to spend more money by displaying a value chain in one of their notifications.

Going left to right, the price of the item they provide, an exercise bike, rises, offering visitors more options and Apuls an opportunity to make more money from each consumer.

8. The Email of Redemption For Ecommerce

It has occurred to me, and it has most certainly happened to you as well.

You devote time, care, and energy to building your email list only to have a portion of your subscribers unsubscribe, or worse, disconnect totally.

Every year, email marketing databases deteriorate by roughly 22.5 percent. Keeping this in mind, it is critical that you re-engage individuals who have emotionally "checked out".

9. The Email Survey For Ecommerce

If you do not inquire...

(Say it with me...)

You do not get it.

Similarly, if you don't ask your customers what they want frequently, how can you intend to provide them what they want?

Surveying your consumers provides you with more than just important insights into their objectives, wants, and pain areas; it also allows you to better your email marketing.

Many manufacturers, such as one king lane, provide participants the opportunity to win a gift voucher if they participate:

one king lane opportunity to win gifts

Others, such as survey specialist Ryan Levesque's The Ask Method Business, contend otherwise.

In his #1 national book, Ask, Levesque says, "If you add a free item for doing the survey, your data will be slanted toward folks who just want the free stuff." "If you do want to provide an individual incentive to improve survey participation, that benefit should be a percentage off the paid fix to their challenge in exchange for their input."

Revolution Tea follows Levesque's recommendations to the letter (pun intended) by providing users with a discount after completing their survey.

Asking your customers what they want has worked for many businesses, and it may work for yours as well.

10. The Thank You Letter For Ecommerce

We don't always say thank you properly. And even when we do, we rarely mean it.

Thanking your audience is more than just thanking them for registering to your mail or completing a purchase; it also means acknowledging that they are the reason you're in business.

That's why, every now and then, firms like SendinBlue will send emails from the heart to thank their consumers for making what they do possible:

sendinblue thank you email

It's easy to become mired in the details of daily business life. However, praising your clients may go a long way.

How then can you give it back to the individuals who have helped you and your company become what they are today?

11. Make Responsive, Beautiful Emails For Ecommerce

From introduction emails to promotional emails to transactional emails, all emails from your eCommerce firm must be responsive and well-designed.

This does not imply that every email must include graphics and GIFs. In reality, text-only emails do exceptionally well when they are intriguing.

What this means is that your letters must:

Make Yourself Visually Appealing

Yes, photos may be used for this, but you could also use non-image styles such as headers and lists to break up text and make your messages easier to read.

Appearance on Mobile

Most likely, your email provider employs responsive themes that automatically alter depending on the size of the display screen. You may read or compose a test email with Constant Contact to ensure that everything looks as you want it to.

Be Simple to Understand

It's better to limit each email to a single call-to-action, so prepare ahead of time!

Captivate the Reader's Attention

Never undervalue the impact of your words. Begin with a hook and ensure that your email text gradually draws the client deeper into the email.

Don't forget about upselling and cross-selling in your emails! This is particularly useful for transactional emails.

12. Request Feedback from Engaged Customers

We discussed social evidence previously, but we'll go over it again. This time, we'll look at a specific aspect of social confirmation: reviews.

When you have involved consumers that buy from your business and click on your emails, you may feel comfortable reaching out to them and asking for a review.

sendinblue feedback

Conclusion Of Best Email Marketing Ideas For Ecommerce

At the start, I had said email marketing for eCommerce is really about sampling rather than planning.

These email marketing ideas for eCommerce include a factor that was as important:

The specific voice of any brand.

I've also included emails ahead partly for what they said (the content is really not important here). Rather, I've selected these for how they express themselves.

Even if you've never discovered your talent yet, keep looking.

If you accomplish this and become a well-known company like those mentioned above, all email marketing would work for itself.

What are the emails you deliver to new subscribers? Please leave a remark.

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