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12 Best Email Marketing Skills- You must know in 2022

Email marketing skills

Email marketing is an important component of any digital strategy, but it can be difficult to know where to begin.

You'll discover the email marketing skills you'll need to learn and improve to send successful campaigns and build up high-performing tactics by reading this book.

We'll go through the eight essential skills that every email marketer should have.

You don't have to be an authority in all of these areas right first, but you should be aware of what you can do to improve.

Best Email Marketing Skills

All have to start somehow, and this guide will help you get started, whether you want to:

  • You're applying for an email marketing position.
  • You're a freelancer/consultant wanting to increase your email marketing skills.
  • You'd want to boost your email marketing skills abilities.
  • You want to boost the effectiveness of your email marketing skills. Let's get started.

1. Email Security and Authentication

Email Security and Authentication

Emailing does not take place in a vacuum.

You must grasp the technical vocabulary associated with email writing and delivery.

Understanding the back-end operations involved in ensuring an email is sent and delivered on time will make your life much simpler.

Not to mention gaining the trust of your technical colleagues when they realize you know what you're talking about.

If you haven't heard of the following phrases, don't even bother applying for an email marketing skills job. You must complete the following tasks:

  • SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol)
  • Sender Policy Network (SPN) (SPF)
  • Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance with DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) (DMARC).

Understanding these concepts and how they function is crucial to improving your email deliverability rates.

It is not only your responsibility to understand sending operations; it is also the designer's and copywriter's responsibility to guarantee that deliverability criteria are fulfilled.

2. Visuals and Email Design

People are increasingly reading their emails on their phones. This requires that your emails be responsive.

The responsive email implies that your message may be read and displayed properly on all devices.

Most email software, such as GetResponse, includes responsive email builders by default, allowing you to create responsive HTML emails that are suitable for various screen widths.

However, you should constantly test your email to ensure that it is responsive.

Finally, the style and layout of your email have an impact on click rates and conversion. Make your layout and design visually appealing and clickable.

3. Testing and Analytics

Testing and Analyzing email marketing Skill

Email marketers nowadays must grasp the most significant indicators and how to assess the effectiveness of their initiatives.

We're talking about marketing automation KPIs that may help you track your progress and forecast future performance.

When examining your email marketing stats, keep the following in mind:

  • What factors contribute to the success of your emails?
  • Which strategies are most effective in increasing open rates and revenue?
  • What can I do differently the next time to enhance the quality of my emails?

Understanding email campaign analytics is critical for implementing a lucrative email marketing plan.

Many marketers feel that once a person opens an email, they are considerably more likely to go through and read your message, which generally results in a sale.

This is erroneous because other, far more essential email marketing skills indicators must be taken into account.

4. Copywriting

One of the most critical talents a marketer should have is email copywriting.

Every day, thousands of emails compete for the attention of contacts - exceptional copywriting skills are what distinguishes a successful campaign from one that will wind up in spam.

An email marketer should understand how to develop subject lines that boost email open rates.

In reality, there are free programs available, such as GetResponse Email Subject Line Tester, that will evaluate your subject line and let you know whether it is adequate.

This tool will put your subject line authoring talents to the test while also assisting you in optimizing your material.

It's quite simple to use; simply type your subject line into the corresponding area and click "Test."

Alternatively, you may use Email Subject Line Generator to produce high-performing subject lines from your email text.

Subject lines should not be written only based on intuition. While you may be pleased with your subject line, your contacts may not be.

Aside from creating catchy subject lines, you should also:

  • Include narratives in your email newsletters to make them more appealing to your subscribers.
  • Create compelling call-to-action text that encourages visitors to do the desired action.

5. List Administration and Segmentation

list management email marketing skill

As an email marketer, there is no doubt that you must gain sophisticated skills in contact management.

Back in the day, email list administration entailed creating different lists for each section or group of contacts. So, if you had 50 segments, you would get 50 lists in the end.

Yeah, it's strange, but it was a thing a few years ago.

Why isn't it a good practice nowadays? It leads to numerous duplicates from one list to the next.

It also confuses and complicates matters.

The introduction of list segmentation and contact tagging destroyed the prior list-based contact management system.

Marketers today understand that the smaller the email lists, the better the data and experience for contacts.

To eliminate spam and duplicate emails, they partition their database using Contact Tags and Custom Fields. It also enables them to deliver highly targeted emails in their campaigns, resulting in increased open and click-through rates.

6. Lead Nurturing and Lifecycle Email Automation

Email marketing is more than just sending out newsletters and special offers.

One of the finest things you can do to save time and increase the ROI of your email marketing is to automate lead nurturing procedures.

Today's email marketers should be well-versed in email marketing skills automation, including how to:

  • Data collection and synchronization between systems
  • Contacts can be classified depending on the data.
  • Create processes and follow-up procedures.
  • Effectively personalize emails.

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7. Thinking Strategically

thinking strategically skill

A smart email marketer knows the fundamental foundations as well as how email marketing initiatives provide value to the whole organization.

We've all heard about the ROI email marketing delivers and how much $1 can return.

However, email marketing should have its own approach. A method that produces results rather than merely a monthly mass email.

Many businesses believe that "email marketing skills works, therefore let's do it." And they do it without any planning. As a result, they run several ad hoc efforts with no meaningful effects.

Email marketers should be well-versed in the following topics:

8. Designing Triggered Campaigns

Such email response marketing campaigns are triggered when a consumer takes a certain action on your website.

Typically triggered campaigns are as follows:

  • Welcome series, similar to a "Hey there!" email sent in response to a list subscription
  • Transactional emails, such as an emailed receipt sent in response to a transaction
  • Account alerts, such as an email alert prompted by a postal address change
  • Personal event emails, such as an email voucher sent in response to a user's birthday
  • Time-sensitive marketing, such as an email triggered by a cart that has been dormant for half an hour.

Using email marketing automation can save your company a significant amount of money. Automated abandoned cart marketing, for example, may recover up to 11% of lost revenue.

The key reason [triggered campaigns] are important is that they are automated, according to Johnson. As a result, it's not a manual effort that an email marketer has to put in every day or week."

Instead, you can send the correct emails at the right moment – on a large scale.

However, triggered programs are only as effective as the marketers who build them. To design triggered programs that contribute to a bigger email marketing plan, email marketers must be able to see and describe the customer's journey to others. They must comprehend their consumers' psychological demands as well as the timeliness of those needs.

It becomes increasingly vital as a firm expands.

Wallace emphasized that it becomes more difficult when you have a huge email list. "Logic will be one of your most significant skills." It is critical to consider how you think about narrative and developing systems at scale."

9. Analytics of data

Data Analytic

The finest email marketers are data analysts at heart, always hunting for new information about the clients on their email lists. Email marketers examine two categories of data:

  • Open rates, conversion rates, and other performance metrics
  • Behavioral and demographic information such as first- and (increasingly) third-party information on email users' gender, geography, purchasing patterns, and so on.

Email marketers may use performance data to make judgments regarding email design and timing. It enables them to "draw stronger inferences on why things are working and why they aren't," according to Kelapure.

Small tweaks may make a big difference in open rates, click rates, and your bottom line - but only if they're based on relevant data.

Email personalization, on the other hand, benefits from behavioral and demographic data.

According to research, the more tailored your emails are, the higher your ROI will be. Personalization was designated one of the top marketing trends for 2021 by MarketerHire.

Email marketers "are continually pushing individuals through different education phases, asking new questions, trying to collect different data points," Wallace explained, to narrow down to "that incredibly customized one-to-one communication that eventually convinces that client to take any action."

10. Editing templates (light HTML / CSS)

Many email marketers now use drag-and-drop editors, which allow them to easily drag in a picture, drop in a text box, and move them about in a pre-set email template.

According to Johnson, the drag-and-drop editor is creating an HTML file in the background.

A professional email marketer may use light CSS and HTML knowledge to change the file, generating complicated formatting that is beyond the capability of drag-and-drop editors.

Although they will seldom need to write an email from scratch, understanding these languages at a high level will allow email marketers to "start from a solid point and develop it correctly the first time," according to Johnson.

11. List your hygiene practices

list your skills

Amateurs are concerned with the size of their email lists, while pros understand that efficient email marketing is dependent on list quality.

"You've been sending emails to 100,000 people, but 50,000 of them have never read an email," Johnson frequently tells customers. You must cease sending emails to these 50,000 recipients."

Clients may find it difficult to swallow.

"They're like, 'But that's my entire list!'" 'I can't do it!'"

However, a long list like that might place you in the spam bin.

When a large number of individuals begin deleting your company's emails before reading them and you do not remove them from your list, "you're going to tank your IP and you'll never be able to get emails to people," Wallace said.

In other words, don't email everyone in your CRM regularly, otherwise, ESP algorithms will start marking all of your emails as spam.

12. Developing lifecycle campaigns

According to a 2018 Accenture survey, 91 percent of customers were more inclined to buy from brands that recalled where they were in the purchasing process and offered them tailored offers and recommendations.

However, around half of shoppers have been dissatisfied with firms' efforts. This is where lifecycle marketing may assist.

Lifecycle marketing is emails meant to move clients to the next step of their purchasing experience. They may boost lead creation and retention by encouraging customers to go from brand awareness to consideration.


With today's technology, the environment of email marketing is changing, prompting the constant learning of new skills and information.

Maintain your competitive edge by always honing your skills.

Like everyone else, I despise self-promotion. However, we make every effort to provide you with useful material.

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