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How To Increase Sales Through Email Marketing: Business Growth Guide

how to increase sales through email marketing

So, how can email marketing help you grow sales? Let's stay calm.

Consider the following scenario: you have a choice between purchasing your favorite items from a store and purchasing them from home. Which option would you choose? You're correct if you're thinking — obviously, the second one, that's a no-brainer! — So, if it's something you'd select, why not give your consumers the same option?

Let's be honest. An eCommerce business and small business may approach a conventional retail store in many ways - appealing merchandise, incredible deals, and an excess of possibilities! And, of course, the huge pressure to choose, compare, and buy – phew!

As a result, click-through rates and cart standing rates are higher.

But if you could send your consumers a personalized list of items directly to their inbox? Wouldn't that simplify their shopping and decision-making?

In this article, you learn how to increase sales through Email Marketing.

In the case of a retail establishment, this is similar to putting everything ready right at the counter so you can just purchase and checkout.

How To Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

Sales through email marketing may assist organizations in expanding their reach, increasing conversion rates, connecting with their target audience, and raising profits.

If you're like 81 percent of company owners, you're probably already using email marketing in your digital marketing plan and enjoying the rewards.

In the competitive online market, it is not enough to just use email marketing in the same manner that every other company does.

Want to maximize the power of email marketing? To help you stand out from the crowd, make absolutely sure your sales through email marketing are successful, quick, and customized.

It's a challenging job, but it's possible.

We've developed a list of 10 amazing recommendations to help you raise your profits with eCommerce email marketing to make your job easier.

Let's get started.

increase sales through email marketing

1. Create an Absolutely Significant List

A solid email subscriber list is important for every email marketing strategy. While you may already have an email list of customers who have purchased things from your company

You must create a list of people who would actually desire to receive emails from you.

Using the following strategies, you may establish an active and involved email list:

a. Make use of segmented pop-up

Pop-ups are still important as long as they are targeted at the correct demographic.

Avoid using that pop-up for each of your website users by employing pop-ups that are activated by a shopper's location, browsing history, or basket size.

Take, for example, MeUndies, which caters to new clients.

Displaying multiple pop-ups to different customers might assist you in building a strong email list. This is because you may then provide the appropriate incentives to the appropriate clients.

Use email pop-up segmentation to further customize your message for your targeted customers and complete more deals.

b. With helpful eBooks and instructions, you may add value to your customer's purchase

Show consumers that your company is committed to providing value from the start by having a free eBook or guideline in return for their email address:

After all, who doesn't appreciate the term "free?" Offering helpful items may boost your earnings by up to 2000% and special offers. It will also make a great impression on your customers, making them more eager to join your email list.

c. Be open and honest! Before they give you their email address, make absolutely sure your email subscribers understand what they're signing up for

Look from A24's playbook, Anyone who subscribes to their email newsletter now knows exactly what they'll get.

When people trust you with the content they receive, you can simply guide them to a sale (no hassle!).

d. Be unique

Don't be dull, that's all!

Consider the game Outrun the Dark. On their landing page, they have an enticing feature

How many of you are going to be able to refuse to click on this? (Certainly not us!)

Outdoors Tribe additionally boosts its opt-in form with a Spin-the-Wheel game

The more engaged and engaging your email messaging, the higher your chances of closing a transaction.

e. Throughout your website, including different ways for people to sign up for your emails

Do you simply keep your fingers crossed and hope that your blog post readers will browse to the bottom of your webpage and notice your subscription box?

Don't leave anything to chance, especially when it comes to growing your email list.

There are various places on your webpage where you can include a subscribe button:

  • "About Us" Webpage: Because this is one of the most often visited websites on a company's website, it's an excellent spot to include an opt-in form. Furthermore, if individuals already know anything about you and your company, they are more inclined to open your emails. A simple form like the one below, placed at the bottom of your About Us page, might be sufficient to get customers to do the favors.
  • "Blog" Page: If people are currently browsing and appreciating your blog content, assist them in continuing the good times.

OnYaLife uses a basic opt-in form similar to this one after each one of its blog entries.

  • Your Header: Place your opt-in forms above the fold to ensure that no one notices them!

In addition to the bottom of their homepage, Good Housekeeping provides an opt-in link in their header.

f. Simplify your sign-up form

Make sure that the amount of information required to join your email newsletter does not turn consumers off.

Do you really have to know the locations, contact numbers, and ages of your website visitors who join up for your email list?

Instead, use a basic form like the one below:

Using these strategies will assist you in developing a relevant list of people who are willing to open your emails and engage in the future.

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2. Make use of email segmentation. Best Email Marketing Practices for Increasing Sales

You're probably already utilizing email segmentation to prevent delivering identical messages to all on your subscriber list.

Here are some of the criteria you should consider:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • Interest
  • Spending habits
  • Shopping history
  • Gender
email marketing practises for increasing sales

a. Proper Testing

The only way to ensure that effective email is to test your emails regularly. Make it a practice to monitor whether your classified newsletters are reaching the intended recipients regularly. People also ask about how to Increase Sales Through Email Marketing

Here are some excellent methods for testing your messages:

  • Ask for feedback and input from your audience.
  • Keep track of your open rates and other important information.
  • A/B testing allows you to test various emails on various groups of customers and observe how each group reacts to your communications.

b. Make use of data-driven segmentation

Boys like blue, while females prefer pink. Older folks despise excessive flashiness, whereas young people revel in it.

You're not achieving the most out of your email if you use preconceived beliefs or preconceptions like these to dictate how you attract users to your email list.

Toss away your assumptions and let data lead you.

Gather data and utilize it to help you create enough relevant portions.

You can ensure that your emails hit the correct chords with your readers by using data-driven segmentation.

c. Keep Save the master list

Email segmentation might be difficult if you discard your primary subscriber list in favor of a lot of little split lists. This will make it harder in the future to establish new segments and make adjustments to your email segmentation.

Remember that your clients' tastes are fluid, and the approach you need to promote to them will change over time. Make a master list of your segments that you may use to grow and re-evaluate them.

Watch Business Growth With Email marketing in Video!

3. Make Use of Automation Wisely

Do you want to simplify your eCommerce email marketing? Automation is the future!

However, use it with care.

Automation can assist you in sending emails at the optimal time and increasing the chances that your emails will be read.

However, here are some pointers to help you avoid automated email failures:

a. Don't irritate your subscribers

Email automation is a great tool since it allows you to send high-quality emails while conserving time and energy. But don't go on an email messaging binge – it might backfire.

It's way too simple to send an email following email to your audience with the touch of a button with email automation. Consciously avoid sending too many emails to your existing followers and ending up in their trash bins.

b. Add a personal touch

When you send emails with the tap of a button, you risk seeming overly official or robotic. Check that you still appear to be a human-run brand! Rather than a copy-paste template from an automated machine, make your copy warm and appealing.

Make it a point to make things personable and to exhibit your brand's human side.

c. Set defined objectives

What advice would you provide to someone who requested aid with their New Year's Resolution to "be healthy"? Do they require support in developing protein-rich meal recipes? Do they require assistance in developing exercise cost estimates?

There are various approaches to an issue, but going to come up with a precise solution will be difficult until you are certain of the specifics.

Similarly, expecting to improve your email marketing management without a clear objective in mind is like hoping to be healthy without a defined health goal in mind.

Like anything else in your organization, you must ensure that you have a clear goal in mind for your email automation that goes beyond "finding success!"

Do you want to boost the number of people who open your emails? Do you wish to improve your customer service skills? Do you want to increase your conversion rate?

This may sound surprising if you have a specific exclusion and are only trying to deliver sales emails to your subscribers.

To achieve the greatest effects, mix it all together.

Here are some samples of the many sorts of emails you may broadcast to your subscribers. Keep in mind, that you may create an email automation plan to help you reach it.

4. Change things up

If you're only delivering sales newsletters to your subscribers, this may seem odd.

To achieve the greatest effects, mix it all together.

Here are some samples of the many sorts of emails you may broadcast to your subscribers:

a. Breaking news on cutting-edge technologies in your specialty or business

Is there anything fresh or intriguing going on in your industry? Keep your subscribers up to date with useful emails or newsletters that connect to blog updates, such as WKB:

b. Updates on your company

Inform your audience about any new collaborations, substantial internal changes, or other developments, such as Preemptive Love Coalition:

c. Discounts, free delivery, and promo coupons are all available

Send personalized discounts or gifts like free shipping. This is how Allbirds does it:

d. Products with a limited run

Nobody enjoys feeling excluded. Use FOMO to your advantage by writing emails about special edition items to encourage consumers to follow your CTA.

e. Thank you notes

Let your clients know how much you appreciate them and their devotion and affiliate marketers, as demonstrated by this Red Lobster example:

Boost your business with email marketing.

When you vary the sorts of newsletters you send, you keep your subscribers guessing. This increases their likelihood of opening your emails, boosting your chances of a transaction.

5. Use Greeting Emails to Increase Real-World Sales

Your consumers will feel more connected and appreciated if you send them welcome emails.

Here are some guidelines for creating great welcome emails:

  • Send welcome emails right away - Many organizations make the error of delivering greeting emails for the entire day (or, worse, the entire week!). This is a certain way to lose sales. Send welcome emails as soon as possible, while your company is still fresh in your new subscriber's mind.

  • grow business with email marketing.
  • Give them something - When people join your email list and you build your email list, marketer email, they are doing you a favor. Show your appreciation by providing a discount coupon or another valuable offer, such as the NWSL Shop:
  • Encourage readers to go shopping- Give subscribers a cause to purchase from your eCommerce business when they sign up for your email list. Earn money with email marketing and FLX Rewards does an excellent job at this by highlighting that users may begin to earn redeemable credits on their purchases right away:
  • Recognize and reward customer referrals- Your new email customer might quickly become two. In exchange for a free gift or a discount voucher, encourage new subscribers to suggest a friend join up for your newsletters.

6. Return Email Receipts

Your subscribers are four times more likely to read an email receipt than any other sort of marketing communication.

Use this to your advantage by:

  • Discounts and tailored product suggestions can be included in your email receipts.
  • Increasing the visibility of your social media sites
  • Surveys are used to get feedback.
  • Requesting that consumers tell their friends and family about their experience.

Consider Amazon, which adds a subsection at the bottom of their email receipt titled "Items from your list":

Button Poetry also makes good use of email receipts, including links to their social media sites at the bottom:

Delivering email receipts is a terrific eCommerce email marketing approach you can use to increase sales.

7. Create CTAs that are both clear and engaging

Make absolutely sure your emails have a simple call-to-action (CTA) button that allows recipients to easily complete the desired activity. Make sure your CTAs are intriguing and motivating enough to get people to click!

MeUndies, for example, loves to include new goods in their CTA buttons:

Another outstanding example of leveraging motivating text and collection to drive conversions is the Preemptive Love Coalition:

These are some excellent examples that will set you on the correct path to creating appealing CTAs.

8. Avoid Using Spam Filters

If your emails are labeled as spam or banned by spam filters, you might be losing thousands of dollars in income.

Keep the essential practices listed below in mind to help you skip the spam folder!

  • Make use of the twofold opt-in procedure.
  • Make it simple for customers to unsubscribe.
  • Send useful material and avoid "spam" phrases such as "please read" and "giveaway."
  • Make use of personalization
  • Create a compelling headline for your emails.
  • Rather than links or attachments, use call-to-action buttons.

9. Make use of a Responsive Design

According to statistics, mobile devices account for 60% of email opens.

If your emails are difficult to read because they aren't mobile or user-friendly, your open rate will suffer and you won't be able to maximize the benefits of email marketing.

Here are some pointers to help you improve your mobile design:

  • Make your emails mobile-friendly - Your email design should not need your users to flip their screens or squeeze and zoom to read them, and they must be designed to fit a range of screen sizes. Almost 80% of customers will abandon your website if your material does not appear properly on their devices.
  • To make your CTA keys stand out, test your color scheme - 38% of consumers will abandon your site if the structure and style are unappealing or unclear.
  • Use an acceptable picture format - 39% of customers would abandon your site if the photos take too long to display.

Make sure to follow these recommended practices to avoid leaving your mobile readers in the dust.

10. Request Help

If you want to make sure your email marketing campaigns are bearing fruit — then who better to ask than your target audience and generate revenue through email marketing? 

Solicit feedback and utilize it to improve your email marketing.

Sending surveys that request response is one of the most successful ways to determine whether or not your clients are responding favorably to your email marketing.11. Keep in mind that A/B testing is your friend

Testing your email marketing strategy is one of the greatest methods to ensure that it will be successful!

A/B testing can help you determine which of the emails will perform better with your target demographic.

A/B testing is an optimizer that compares several versions of your emails to find which one works better with your target market

A/B testing may help you take your email business to the next level and increase revenue in a variety of ways:

  • Improvement - A/B testing allows you to identify particular flaws in your email marketing. You might be doing the same email marketing blunders every day without even realizing it! A/B testing will show you which aspects of your email campaigns aren't performing, allowing you to change your plan accordingly.
  • Optimization - Perhaps your email marketing approach is already sound. A/B testing is still useful since it demonstrates how you can optimize and optimize your email marketing approach to make your advertisements even more productive. Why would you settle for less if you could raise your conversion rate by 5, 10, or 15% with a simple change?
  • Engagement - When you tailor your emails for your audience, readers will be more interested in your emails. When your readers open and interact with your emails, they are more likely to switch!

If you want to take advantage of A/B testing in your email marketing, keep the following best practices in mind:

  • Set a single objective - Try to concentrate on attaining one precise practical goal at a stage. Check to see whether your objective can be quantified!
  • Think beyond the box - You can A/B test every aspect of your emails, including CTA buttons, font sizes, and subject lines!
  • Examine your results - The A/B test does not end after your variations have been produced and tested. Make a point of analyzing your data and incorporating it into your email marketing strategies.

Even if you're having a lot of experience with your specific email marketing plan, there's always room for improvement. A/B testing is an excellent place to begin.

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