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How to Install MailWizz Email Marketing Application - Step By Step Guide

Using MailWizz in conjunction with Inboxroad as a delivery service provides a formidable email marketing strategy, but getting started might be difficult. To help you start, we created a simple tutorial.

How to install MailWizz Email Marketing Application

How to Install MailWizz Email Marketing Application

What is MailWizz?

MailWizz is a self-hosted email marketing program that is easy to use, efficient, and feature-rich. You may construct your own automatic email marketing system using Mailwizz.

How to Find MailWizz PHP script?

Mailwizz standard licenses are available for a one-time purchase with no further monthly fees for unrestricted use. You can get it right here.

What are self-hosted Email Marketing Applications?

Self-hosted email marketing tools make it simple to send a message to a group of people, but it is deployed on your own computer or server, providing you the entire control over data protection.

It is made up of SMTP and a management application (Mailwizz).

Before we get started what exactly do we need to start?

Do we need a Hosting?

You can select any of the chosen hosting services that offer good value for money at the time of purchase. In this example, we will utilize Dreamhost; however, you may also use Bluehost, HostingerHostens, and HostGator.

Buy Domain Name

Namecheap is a website where you may buy a domain name. Check out Dreamhost, Hostinger, and Bluehost for free domain names for the first year.

Let's go right into the installation process and learn How to Install Mailwizz.

About MailWizz Installation

MailWizz Step By Step Installation
we discuss MaillWizz installation in two different ways.
1. 4 steps for easy installation
2. Step-by-step installation

04 Steps For Easy MaillWizz Installation

Let's get started

I. Get a MaillWizz License that fulfills your needs

It may appear to be a difficult choice, but there are only two varieties to choose from here. You may choose between the MailWizz "Regular Licence," which enables you to use MailWizz for private use exclusively, and the MailWizz "Extended Licence," which enables you to use MailWizz as a SaaS in any manner you see appropriate.

MailWizz's pricing page will tell you all you need to know about their programs.

ii. Design an attractive email template

You are dedicated to email marketing if you are looking into MailWizz. If you are committed to online marketing, you understand that the template you employ is critical to your success.

You want your online marketing theme to be well-designed while keeping in mind the aim of your email. An informational email will require a completely different theme than a sales-generating email. Responsive design that performs effectively across all kinds of devices and private messages is a must-have component of good email design.

You could utilize the easily accessible MailWizz templates, or you could take it to the next level;

  • Purchase an HTML template that has been professionally prepared from a marketplace. Sites such as Themeforest and Creative Market provide thousands of well-designed and tested email templates that will meet your requirements.
  • Pay a freelancer to create a one-of-a-kind email template for you. If you spend some time browsing UpWork or, you'll come across a plethora of freelancers that specialize in generating email templates.

When you've identified or designed the ideal email marketing campaign, make sure to properly test it. Litmus is the standard method in email testing, assisting you in ensuring that your email will appear fantastic in any inbox.

iii. Setup MailWizz on your server

These are some of the reasons MailWizz is a low-cost option is that it does not handle hosting for you, saving you the hosting expenses and maintenance that another email front-end may charge you. This implies you will be responsible for hosting the program yourself.

MailWizz has created a thorough step-by-step tutorial for getting your hosting up and running. The hosting requirements for MailWizz are fairly simple; you will need;

  • Linux operating system
  • Apache/Nginx
  • webserver PHP version 5.2 or newer
  • MySQL/MariaDB with InnoDB
  • storage engine 
  • Cron Jobs access (Linux)

Don't worry if you're having trouble installing MailWizz or locating the correct server! As one of MailWizz's favorite SMTPs, we'd be delighted to assist you with configuring it.

iv. Connect your SMTP server

To send and receive emails, you must first configure your SMTP server. This is a reasonably straightforward three-step method because Inboxroad is accessible as a mail server right out of the box;

  • Set up the delivery server.
  • Distribute the webhook URL.
  • Check the connection

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Step By Step MaillWizz Installation

The instructions for installing MailWizz are listed below.

  • Download the Mailwizz zip archive and unzip it.
  • Navigate to the retrieved folder and zip the contents in the Latest folder.
  • Cpanel is the interface via which you may manage your domain hosting platform.
  • Within your public HTML directory, create a new folder.
  • Click the New Newsletter folder and drag and drop the MailWizz zipped file into it.
  • Install MailWizz by running "index.php".
  • Configure the database with the hosting Cpanel.
  • Enter the name of the database, as well as the username and password.
  • Create a Cron job.

How to Install MaillWizz Email Marketing Application: Step by Step Guide

1. After Done With Purchasing, Download and extract the Mailwizz zip file after getting the license

Select the folder, then right-click and select Extract All.

Extract the file by right-clicking it. You can extract the files using Winrar or any other unzipper.

2. Navigate to the extracted folder, which will include a collection of files and directories 

Navigate to the most recent Directory, which contains the installation files and subfolders.

  • Compress the items listed above into a single file to make installation easier.
  • Select all of the files, then right-click and select Send to. Select the Compressed(Zipped) Folder under Send.
  • Select all files and then select Send to Compressed(Zipped) Folder.
  • The items have been zipped in the manner described below.
  • You can rename the file whenever you want. We dubbed it Mailwizz.

3. Using Cpanel, you may have access to your domain hosting platform

In this case, we will use DreamHost Cpanel.

  • Needs to sign in to your account.
  • Navigate to the File Manager section of your individual Hosting Provider's Cpanel.
  • Cpanel is used by Dreamhost. On the left, select Manage Websites. Panel
  • Select Manage.
The MailWizz folder's contents must be placed in your page root directory.
It's most likely your "public HTML" directory.

4. Within your public HTML directory, create a new folder

  • It is usually best practice to establish a dedicated folder for MailWizz to keep MailWizz separate from other programs operating on your website.
  • By clicking the + symbol at the bottom, you may create a new folder.
  • Creating a new folder called Newsletter
  • You should now see the Newsletter folder in your Public HTML directory.

5. Launch the New Newsletter directory and drag and drop the MailWizz compressed file into it

  • Click the Upload option after opening the Newsletter folder.
  • In this case, choose the zipped file. MailWizz
  • Select the "Upload and Unzip" option.
  • The most significant file in the installation folder is "index.php."

6. Install MailWizz using the "index.php" file

  • Navigate to the "yourwebsite/newsletter/install/index.php" page.
  • How to Setup MailWizz
  • Enter the payment code and press the Next button.
  • Next should be clicked.
  • We must enter the Database information here.
  • Keep this page open in a browser tab and do not close it.

7. Create a database using the hosting Cpanel

  • Navigate to your Webhosting Cpanel and look for MySql Database.
  • By specifying a Database name, you may create a new Database.
  • Make your first database user.
  • The new database has now been established. Keep a record of the Db name, username, and password.

8. Enter the name of the database, as well as the user name and password

  • On the MailWizz DB credentials and import page (Step 6), enter your credentials and press the Start importing button.
  • Enter the "Admin Credential" and click the "Create an Account" button.
  • Hurray, Mailwizz's setup is nearly finished. The only thing left to do is to set up a cronjob.

9. Create a Cron job

  • Cron jobs carry out time-sensitive tasks such as. For instance, suppose you wish to schedule a Campaign sender, Transaction mail sender, Feedback cycle handler, or bounce controller every 10 minutes. These tasks may be scheduled using a cron job.
  • You may either leave the default configuration or edit the cron tasks to suit your needs.
  • Duplicate the first Campaigns mailer cron job, which is executed every minute.
  • A new cron task has been added to the schedule. Select Cpanel from your hosting provider's Cpanel.
  • Select Add New Custom Scripts. When you're ready to run the task, enter the information and click Add.
  • Similarly, schedule extra cron tasks as needed.

10. Return to the Mailwizz Config and choose "Cron tasks are installed, proceed"

Great Finally!

You have installed MailWizz Email Marketing Application.

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