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How To Make $100 Of Money On Medium Per Week?

How To Make Money On Medium

I started to write on Medium a few weeks ago and immediately recognized that it is a platform with a lot of potentials.

Even though I've only written a few articles, I'm still shocked by the amount of passive revenue I get each month (even if it's not enough to cover my rent—yet!).

I enjoy being able to spend an afternoon creating a tale, publishing it, and then profiting from it in the months ahead. The money potential is significantly bigger if you have the time to write there regularly.

The medium might be a new source of cash for you if you're searching for a side hustle and enjoy writing.

How do you make money writing on Medium?

The Medium Partner Program allows you to make money on the platform.

What is the definition of the Medium?

Medium is a blogging platform that allows users to read articles from a wide range of authors. It's also a location where anyone who wishes to write may share their tales with these folks (on any subject).

Members may also follow their favorite writers to receive notifications when they publish new stories.

What is the Medium partner program and how does it work?

Medium Partner Program

Medium earns money by charging $5 per month for users to view articles that are published on the site. The writer receives a percentage of the monthly charge when members read a tale. They can also 'clap' when they appreciate a story.

Joining the Medium Partner Program is absolutely free, however, it is advised that you also become a paid member ($5/month) so that you may read other articles on Medium.

This may offer you ideas for what to write, allow you to discover what tales are popular, and allow you to support other authors!

What is the formula for calculating profits on Medium?

The length of time members spend reading your tales determines your revenue in the partner program.

formula for calculating profits on Medium

There is no set formula for calculating how much you will be paid, but the longer time members spend reading a tale (and the more members who read it), the more money you will make.

Writing lengthier articles can help you earn more money.

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What are the requirements to begin generating money on Medium?

To begin generating money on Medium, you must first register an account, which is completely free.

You are not required to become a paying member, but it is only $5 per month if you do.

To be a writer on Medium, you don't need any prior expertise, which is ideal if you're a beginner! They do, however, have certain writing standards.

You don't have to write on a single topic all of the time, and you don't have to keep to it all of the time. One of my favorite aspects of the site is that it allows users to write on everything from love advice to business stories (and anything in between!).

You might write on the following topics:

  • Your own experiences
  • A topic about which you are informed, such as your college major or the sector in which you work
  • Your present or previous romantic, friendship, or familial relationships
  • Self-improvement
  • Recent occurrences about which you'd want to express your thoughts
  • Fantasy tales
  • Poetry
  • And anything else you'd like to share with the rest of the world!

If you've been considering writing for a living online, this is a great place to start. Many other writing sites ask you to pass a writing exam or submit a sample or portfolio of your work. Medium is free to join and available to all levels of authors.

How much can you earn from blogging on Medium?

On Medium, about 5% of authors make more than $100 each month. Although that may not seem like much, some of the best writers earn more than $25,000 every month!

I believe that the secret to success on Medium is to write articles regularly, such that even if you just make a few bucks per month on each piece, it all adds up over time.

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It's difficult to determine what proportion of Medium authors publish regularly, which has an impact on how much you may make. If you create tales regularly, your chances of being in the top 5% are (probably) higher.

Watch This Video For Earning Proof: 

What is the fastest way to make money on Medium?

As soon as your tales are published, you may start earning money.

Payments are made once a month (on the 8th) and are transferred into your bank account within 3-7 business days.

You'll need Medium users to read your stories to generate money on the platform.

You may increase the number of people who see your story in two ways:

By allowing Medium to curate your narrative

How to have your story selected on Medium by posting it in a Medium publication

Medium has a staff of curators that assess the articles that writers submit; if a story fits the curation requirements, it may be distributed to additional members (it is ultimately up to the curators to decide).

If an article gets curated, it will be shared with Medium users who are interested in that topic.

When you create a tale, you have the option of adding up to five tags to it. For example, if you're writing about relationship advice, you might use tags like love, life advice, relationships, and romance.

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These tags assist curators in determining which themes a story should be distributed in (members pick the topics they like and follow them, so can they see these types of stories).

The narrative will continue to be provided to members in the future, which means you'll be able to profit from it in the long run!

Around 30% of my Medium pieces have been selected, and the earnings graph generally looks like this:

Views, earnings, and total member reading time are all included in the story data on Medium.

There will be a spike at the beginning that will fade quickly; but, profits will remain steady (even if little!) after that. This is just another reason why, if you want to generate money, you should submit content regularly.

You won't receive an email informing you whether or not your article has been curated, so you'll have to check your story's analytics regularly to find out. This is what will appear beneath the title of your story.

How to get your tale published in a Medium magazine?

You can submit your articles to Medium publications (a collection of stories on certain subjects). If the editors of that newspaper approve your piece, the followers of that publication will be able to see it.

Don't be hesitant to send your articles to sites with tens of thousands of followers; there's a good possibility they'll get a lot of attention if they're approved. 

If this is the case, you'll receive an email stating that your piece has been approved by the publisher (yippee!).

On that topic, don't be disappointed if your narrative gets rejected. Around half of my articles have been published; nonetheless, the piece may not be the best fit for the publisher.

I've even had three articles first rejected by newspapers, only to be contacted by editors from various media who expressed interest in publishing them.

Start by reviewing Medium's curation criteria if you want your article to be approved by a publication. If your narrative possesses these characteristics, it will be considerably more likely to get published.

Also, check the requirements for each magazine before submitting a tale; they will typically be quite clear about what they are seeking and how to apply. On the opening page of the magazine, they will usually include a link to this.

One of the biggest advantages I've observed from sending my stories to some publications is that they get selected much faster. 

It generally takes me a couple of weeks to find out whether my story has been curated, but if I submit it to a newspaper, it may be curated the same day!

On Medium, you may make money as an affiliate

On Medium, you can also generate money by including affiliate links in your writings.

If you're an affiliate for a firm, you can add a link to your story and receive a commission if a reader hits the link and purchases anything.

Naturally, you'll have to mention your affiliate link (along with the fact that you'll be reimbursed for transactions made through it) in your narrative.

You must also respect the regulations of the magazine in which your story is published (as well as Medium's restrictions).

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How to get Medium bonuses?

Occasionally, the editors at Medium may notice a story and appreciate it so much that they award the writer a bonus! For example, some writers have claimed to have received a $100 bonus for a tale.

How to get Medium bonuses

I wouldn't count on this as a source of money on Medium, but it's something to think about.

Although I still believe that writing on your own site is the best way to go (particularly if you're trying to establish a blog as a company or as a side hustle), there are a lot of distinct advantages to blogging on Medium. 

Furthermore, you can always do both, as many authors (including myself) do.

Getting more followers

If your stories appeal to readers, they can subscribe to your blog. When they do, they'll be able to read your new tales as soon as you publish them (either on their home page or in emails from Medium).

Because I'm now working on my own site, I only have about 30 pieces on Medium and about 60 subscribers. This isn't a really impressive figure, but it continues to rise as I publish new articles!

This is a tremendous assist in putting your stories in front of paying members since you get paid when Medium users read them.

Getting the word out about your blog

If you have your own blog, you can easily advertise it with your Medium tales! You can do so in a variety of ways, including:

  • In your story, you can include a link to your blog.
  • In your bio, you can provide a link to your blog.
  • You may offer readers how to join your email list, which will drive them to your blog (most magazines will not allow this).

Because Medium stories might appear in Google search results, individuals who aren't members may read your stories (Medium allows non-members to read up to 3 free stories a day).

You won't get paid for this because they aren't paying members, but it is still wonderful exposure! These readers can find your other material online if you have links to your blog or email list.

Opportunities for freelance writing

Your tales will begin to receive visibility after you begin writing on Medium. Although it's tempting to think of Medium members just as a source of revenue, they might also be potential clients who read your content.

They may give you paid chances to write for them if they like your work!

Collaboration with other Authors

Collaboration with other Authors

Medium is also a good place to meet other authors or others who share your interests. You may obtain criticism of your work from them, as well as establish new acquaintances.

You never know where these contacts could lead you in the future—it might lead to more writing chances, employment offers, or the opportunity to collaborate on a business.

Experience is not required for starting writing

One of the nicest things about Medium is that it doesn't require any prior writing expertise to get started!

Of course, to be curated or accepted in magazines, your work must match certain quality requirements, but nothing is stopping you from getting started.

I've tried various writing sites that need you to submit a portfolio or sample, but if you're a fresh new writer, you're unlikely to have any of these things.

Plus, if you become a paid member, you'll be able to read stories by well-known, famous authors, which is a great way to better your own writing.

You are free to write on any subject

You are not restricted to writing about one or two themes; you are free to write about anything!

If you have your own blog or are considering starting one, you're surely aware that it's ideal to choose a specialty to write about (one specific topic that all of your articles are based on).

This isn't the case on Medium; you may write about anything!

You are free to write on any subject on Medium

I've written a few different stories, and the ones that have performed the best in my experience are:

  • Subjects about which I am really enthusiastic
  • Anecdotes about making money online

Even though I've never written about it before, if I'm truly enthusiastic about a story (like the one I wrote on relationships), it tends to do well. I believe that when we are passionate about a subject or know a lot about it, it shows in our writing! Take inspiration from your own life experiences or areas about which you are quite educated.

That said, I recently published my first article on how to generate money online, and it has received more views than any of my other articles. If you've made money online before and want to share your tale, go for it!

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